Friday, September 9, 2011

Android vs. Apple - Battle of the Decade

The battle of the decade has finally come on mobile operating system.

Do you own a smartphone? A phone that has advanced computing ability, multitasking and faster internet access. It can run advanced software and applications and consider to be a handheld computer. With advanced growth of demand of smartphones, powerful processors, large memory, larger screen and operating system like androids are really in need.

Here comes a smartphone:

iPhone Smartphone

Apple has finally fallen into the hands of android’s  mobile operating system formula that exceed sales of 43% market share in the US this third quarter of 2010. Android was bought by Google in 2005 and it was based upon the modification of Linux kernel. Android operating system consist of 1.75 million lines of code of C++, 2.8 million C, 2.1 million JAVA and 3 million lines of XML codes.

Android Logo

Android platform is # 2 ranking in smart phones platform this 2010 quarter end and continuously increasing momentum this early 2011 on market share. So, hurry up and have a Android Smartphone, an open source platforms that can be installed with many advanced applications.

What’s more? Android Tablet will dominate the 2011 market, with affordable prices, faster operating system and the best that you can have this year. Save time and money with this versatile device and enjoy reading e-books and viewing your favorite movies.

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