Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Foldit Game - Solved AIDS Mystery

Do you want to be a Gameologist?

Are you a gamer and a scientist or simply you want to become a gameologist?

Online gamers successfully unfolds the secrets of AIDS protein enzyme that long puzzled scientist for a decade through Foldit Game. Microscopes only see flat image and one dimensional molecules and pharmacologist  needed a 3-D image in order to reveal any potential target to the enzyme.

The structure of protein enzyme(amino acids) is very critical to understand  how they work and how to treat or find any drugs to block them.

Using video game called Foldit - developed in 2008, it is a unique game about building protein structure which can help into medical research. Groups of gamers compete to unlock this HIV enzyme molecules and they produced an accurate model in just 3 weeks which had resolved a long standing scientific problem.

Unfolding the enzyme molecules provides a new antiretroviral drugs against HIV(human immunodeficiency virus).

This is the first time a gamers solved a scientific problem and why they succeed and computers do not? People have "spatial reasoning" which computers are not good at. This breakthrough and discovery between man and computers can make advances that are not possible before in the field of science.

So do you want to be a gamer and a scientist? What are you waiting for?

Inside the Foldit Game

Foldit Game

Download the Foldit Game:
Foldit -Free Download

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