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Godswar Online Facebook - Full HP Warrior Build Guide

Level 122 Godswar Online Warrior Class
Do you play Godswar Online?

Godswar Online is one of those 3D online games MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) from the historical mythology of Athens and Spartans.

There are 4 classes to choose from this game. The Warrior, Champion, Mage and Priest.

1. Warrior - the tank of the game, with high Defense and HP, you will have a hard time killing it.
2. Champion - the best PVP class of the game dealing huge amount of physical damage.
3. Mage - the magic damager, long range and 2nd best in PVP.
4. Priest - the team player, buffer and healer of the game using its magic.

What makes Godswar Online different from other 3D MMORPG games out there?

Here it is:

I. There are only 4 classes to choose.

Why 4 classes only, other games have 6 or more? There are only 4 classes because the games focuses on character development. There are no the same warrior out there because you can have different builds. The are no duplicate gears and equipments attribute on the game. In this topic, I will focused only on warrior build and how to become a full HP warrior. You can also try my WARRIOR REFLECT DAMAGE BUILD GUIDE.

II. The PET system

Godswar Pet system are different from other games and this is the main reason why I played this game.

Pet system includes:

Godswar Panda Pet
1.  Merging of pet to your character which boost your attributes significantly ( Hero + Pet's  attributes = immortality)
2. Pet skills boost your character build, pet can have up to 6 skills (can be defensive or offensive skills)
3. Pet appearance are cool and you can change it without changing the attribute and skills.
4. Pet can level up and increases attributes called savvy.

III. Mount System

1. Mount gears can also boost you defensive and offensive abilities.
2. Mounts are also cool, different mounts are available in the game from Horse to Magic carpet.
3. Mount can also level up (you need 50 soulstone for mount to level up to 50, 60 to level up mount to 60 and so on...).

How to Build a Full HP Warrior

Warrior can be defensive and offensive and building both of the types is a fun on the field. I choose to be defensive warrior and this is what makes us made in the game to be the TANK hero.

Defensive Attributes:
1. Defense
2. High HP
3. Anti critical resistance (simply called tenacity)
4. Dodge
5. Reduced physical damage from Holystone

Godswar Medusa Instance

With "Heavenly Shield" only a few can penetrate your armor and make physical damage on you. This makes easy for you because you have only left with few enemies on the game - champion with really high damage and MAGE using magic damage. To have a heavenly shield , you should have a  2600  physical DEFENSE, average warrior would have 2500 attack, champion 3500 attack and 2500 magic attack for MAGE at level 100. With this heavenly shield (only termed ), only a small amount of damage will be taken away from you or negligible except for the magic damage.

Level 34 Panda Pet Stats

How high is your HP in the game?As warrior, other classes ask you " what is you HP"? It's up to you if you would tell them. Warrior receives the highest HP per level in the game, so if you level up and level up and becomes high level, definitely you will have a high HP. So what is HP for? Off course if you have a high HP, your opponent have to hit you and damage you many times and you will live longer than any other classes in the game. Pump your talent tree for HP to the maximum and have a gears attributes for this.


This is the attribute for anti critical, the higher your tenacity, the lower the chances to land a critical strike on you and they will be a hard time killing you if they will not critical. Pump your talent tree for anti critical to the maximum and have a gears attributes for this.


The higher dodge you have, you opponent will miss to damage you. Even though the game don’t give god given gift of dodge skills to the warrior class (priest have the highest dodge), pump your talent tree with dodge to the maximum. Make also a gear with dodge attributes.


When you put a Holystone on your gears which is possible only when your level 100 and up. Choose the reduced physical damage stone. This stone will make you hard to kill and be the best Warrior out there.

Enjoy playing Godswar Online! See you there.

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