Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Neobux Money Making Online and Statistics

There are many types of money making online on the internet, these includes paid to click services(PTC), paid to post(PTP), paid to upload/download, paid to search and many more. I will not tackle all of them here.

The one that I will discuss here is about Neobux site - a paid to click service. This is my trusted PTC site and I'm a member here for almost 2 years. I know how the site works and the innovation they had been making in the world of paid to click service.

What makes neobux differ from other sites?
1. Trusted and paying
2. Innovative ideas
3. Costumer oriented
4. Have detailed statistics
5. Secure and stable

What is Statistics -it is the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. Neobux has a lot of data, data includes the number of referrals and clicks  with respect to time. You can make actually a trend chart with these data. The site has given us basic charts and statistics which are very helpful in our referrals management.

Charts on Neobux:

Neobux Charts

Neoux Statistics

With these charts and statistic we can monitor if we are in the right track. Learning simple basics of statistics and one look on this charts and we can tell if it needed attention.

Most important charts:

1. Direct referral credited clicks
2. Rented referrals credited clicks
3. Automatic recycling

There are also a projection charts which is up to 6 years. This is a very sophisticated tool made by Neobux to it's user and that tells that they are really serious about innovation for their members. With this tool calculation is easier and much faster. Thanks for the innovative ideas of the site and hopefully they continue to serve us better.

Neobux Projection Chart

New Innovation on the site(This September Month):

1. Forced logout in 48 hours- strenthen login credentials
2. New progress Bar is at the botom of the page - more focused on ads

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