Friday, September 9, 2011

Tips and Tricks to Increase your Samsung Mobile Phone Speed

Samsung Galaxy S3 Inspired by Nature
Are you tired of slowing mobile phone speed? Although new technology bring more speed and new development of hardware and mobile software resolves this issue.

Do we need to spend more money to speed up our mobile phones?

Reasons of Slowing Down of your Mobile Phone

1. Exceeding Memory Capacity – Installing applications, accumulated SMS, anything that files up in the phone memory that consume space ex: games, mail and chat, mp3’s and alike.
2. Multitasking- application running at the same time, having games while running your mobile radio and any other applications consumes large RAM capacity.
3. Viruses – a virus that opens your application forever ex: Bluetooth always ON due to virus or multiple  sending of SMS.
4. External devices – external memory card, mobile phone connected on personal computer
5. Old version of Firmware - an updated firmware includes bug or old designs that contributes to your phone speed slow down.

Tips and Tricks to Increase your Mobile Phone Speed

1. Choose your selected applications to be installed or the most important one. You can installed it at your memory card not on the phone memory. Saving those scarce phone memory resources will definitely benefits you and boost speed. Mobile phones with high phone memory capacity is definitely advantageous at a price.
2. RUN application one at a time.
3. Install anti-virus on your phones. Prevent receiving Bluetooth files or emails from unknown sources.
4. Use external memory card with low capacity (4GB rather than 32GB).
5. Update your mobile phone firmware, it will definitely boost phone speed.
6. Last but not the least, you can try to reset your phone to it’s factory settings. This is to remove all unwanted programs and application that makes your phone slows down but be sure to backup your files and contacts.

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