Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to Make your Computer Startup 50% Faster - Tips and Tricks

Windows XP Boot Up
Do you have trouble on your computer startup that takes almost 3-4 minutes or longer? Slow boot problems are mainly cause by software program or simply running too many programs during start-up. But this is only not the reason of slow boot ups, hardware can also slow the boot process of your computer.

Tips and tricks you can make your computer boot up 50% faster:

1. Hardware Check
2. Optimizing BIOS(Basic Input Output System)
3. Stopping unneeded auto startup programs
4. Eliminating hidden malware and spyware start-up program.

1. Hardware Check

a. Check all the fans of your computer are spinning. Some fans are temperature sensitive and won't speed up until it is warm.
b. Check your CPU heatsink if covered with dust and grime. Overheating CPU throttle back to lower speed thus, slower boot up.
c. A partly defective components( CPU, Hard Disk, RAM) also result in slow boot process. Repair/Replace any found defective parts and clean your PC regularly.

2. Optimizing BIOS

What is BIOS? BIOS is simply Basic Input/Output System of your computer without the Operating system like Windows or Linux. When you start your PC it's BIOS takes into action and

1. Initialize hardware
2. Test RAM
3. Looking for bootable device

Initializing this hardware components adds up and causes delays during startup. You can configure you BIOS to eliminate this simple delays.To access you BIOS simply look at you computer screen during startup and look for " Press F12 for Setup". This varies from computer to computer.

1. Look for an Option Quick Boot and enable it.
2. Set your Hard drive detection from Auto to NONE (ex. Secondary Drive because you are using your Primary)
3. Disable boot from floffy disk drive, CD/DVD and USB device if you are using your Hard drive as primary boot. This will eliminate your computer to keep looking for other boot-up option.

3. Stopping unneeded auto startup programs

Windows XP System Configuration Utility

Every time you install new programs or drivers they automatically find themselves to run during your PC start-up. Limiting this autorun programs can definitely boost your start-up. The simple challenge is finding the list of program that run automatically and to know which programs can be safe to disable.

Simple steps to stop unneeded startup programs:

1. To show your startup programs, click Start and Run. Type msconfig  and click Ok. Check items means it is enabled. Unclick those files that are needed or optional during startup. Exercise caution when stopping services or startup item. Leave it alone if you do not know what program to stop.
2. To show your services, click Start and Run. Type services.msc or Open Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services. The services are describe in here and you can examine it before disabling it on the startup.

4. Eliminating hidden malware and spyware startup

Install antivirus on your computer and scan for any malware or spyware. There are free antivirus on the internet such as AVG and other tune up utilities with anti malware and spyware. Spyware and malware can run run application during start-ups that cannot be seen on start-up manager.

With this simple steps, you can have 50% faster start up of your computer and definitely saves you time with many computer boot up in a year.

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