Friday, September 9, 2011

Science and Techology Poem - My Android Phone

My Android Phone

The World
it is NOT.
But if you shall
That it makes us ONE.

Then you shall have
Had the luxury,
Of an incomparable exercise
Of the five big
And little soldiers.

That was the reason
Of their response,
And when you
Pick the silent DROID
When it snores
And you hear
A whisper.

Crossing bridges,
Thousands miles far
And tonight.

It rests on a
Nocturnal flight
As it is left idle,
A scratch, a bruise
A rectangular WOUND.

Revealing vivid images
Of a used SOUL,
Honor lost
DIGNITY surrendered.

To a greedy MAN
Missing a mistress
Poor oh poor
Little darling,
You’re a GODDESS
A minute ago

Now an abandoned
Dilapidated entity,
Your name
Shall not forgotten
For tomorrow
You will be REMEMBERED.

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