Sunday, October 2, 2011

Typhoon Ramon, Quiel and Pedring - The Inconvenient Truth of Philippine Typhoons

Typhoon Quiel
One is enough, two is too much and three is *****. How about three typhoons in a row in a matter of weeks? Is that possible?

After typhoon Pedring and Quiel devastated our country(Northern Luzon) in less than a week. It left 76 combined death toll and 29 people still missing. It also left massive flooding and damage of approximately a total of 12 billion pesos for Pedring and Quiel and nearly 2.4 million affected Filipinos. Typhoon Quiel battered northern Luzon rice producing provinces Isabela and Cordillera mountain region.

The Third Typhoon " Ramon"

Another low pressure area located at east of Luzon may develop into tropical depression this coming Wednesday (Oct. 05) and will be called "Ramon". Sad to say, this is predicted to head on North Luzon again and will brought another flooding and damages to areas already battered by Pedring and Quiel.

Philippines is in the pacific ocean and an average of 20 typhoons visits our country a year and the previous two already causes destruction and deaths and incoming third typhoon are on the way and will possibly bring more damage and hunger to people still not recovered from previous calamities.

Is this a Climate Change?

I live in Catanduanes (Bicol region) and it's one of the typhoon capital of our country. I experienced super typhoons with 250+ kph winds and it's really strong and just even a 190 kph (Pedring and Quiel) typhoons causes a serious damage. Flying debris are all around, you can see detaching roofs of schools and good built houses.

Surrendering  bananas and even coconut trees can't escape the wrath of mother nature. It's really an unforgettable moment in my life and this is the opportunity to help and to do good to other people. Let us help us those in need and our government should really be proactive to help those in flooded areas or areas prone in flooding.

In the next 20 to 50 years, our country would be drier for dry seasons and wetter for wet seasons. This is the climate change scenario, this is the weather change patterns(temperature, wind and rainfall) and the major cause of this is the global warming and we should be really serious with this issue.

So this typhoons are cause by climate change due to global warming? PAGASA trends shows and predicted more rains in the coming decades. Rainfall will likely increases in Luzon and Visayas during 2020 and 2050 at the months from July to November.

3rd on UN disaster risk index

We are the third country that are vulnerable to climate change damages and natural disasters like typhoons, floods, storm, earthquakes, droughts and sea level rising according to UN disaster risk index. This is also based on our response and disaster preparedness and early warning system. In addition, man made factors such as land conversions, mining and deforestation worsen the effects of climate change and have a multiplier effect.

Weather is really unpredictable and even a flap of wings of butterflies can change it. Who really knows if rainfall prediction is correct and who really knows one, two or three typhoons in a row in a matter of weeks is caused by climate change.

We and the government should imposed policies, projects and activities that will mitigate or help slow this global warming and lessen our risk to climate change effects.

Let us save the world, let us save Philippines.

Philippine Typhoon Tracking Site
Bicol typhoon Center


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

I really think we cannot help save Mother Earth now. No more chance. These typhoons are just one of the aftermaths of man's greed and carelessness.

If there are minor changes, then we'd consider it the brake of a rolling bicycle in a very steep hill. We people are the brake and pedal of this gradual regression. This will continue to happen and in the near future, Mother Earth will see its end. That is the most inconvenient truth there.


GbSb said...

Sad to hear that whatever we will be doing, all will lead to the END. Maybe there will be other way around.

Yugo said...

It is sad to watch the news and see the miserable effect of the typhoons to my motherland. This is what we get from abusing nature.

It is not late to save the world. If we give up and accept this hopeless end of our mother earth therefore we prove to our creator that we humans are no good for all His creation.

The world today is the product of man's action, we can still save this world.

GbSb said...

That's true Yugo, Let us help to save this world.

simply kim said...

who suffer most are the farmers. it seems like the weather is against them.. left you some love and following you now..

by the way, do you mind checking out on What's With 'MY WAY'?

GbSb said...

Thanks Kim,I'll check your site and will follow you

Greg Chua said...

I am also agreeing that every year has a typhoon visiting and destroying our products. That’s why we must aware if typhoon will come. Its better if we stay on our house to be safe in what may happen incase typhoon will come.

Philippine Typhoon

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