Monday, October 17, 2011

Internet Karaoke and iKaraoke iPhone- The Future of Karaoke

Philippine Karaoke World Championship 2011
The Rise of Filipino Stars

Filipino people love to sing and we are natural born singer. We have Lea Salonga, Regine Velasquez and Charice Pempengco for female and Gary Valenciano, Gerald Santos and Christian Bautista for male and many other great singers.

Last September 2011, Karaoke World Championship (KWC) which is held in Ireland, two great Filipino singers won first runner up for male and third runner up for female category (Joel Cruz and Lyda Shela Roxas with Philippine flag on the picture above). Joel sang "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" and Lyda "Alone". With 23 countries participating, they are the first Filipinos to get that place in that Karaoke event. This is the first time our country joined the prestigious event and we got both male and female in top five and this is not bad. We will be coming back in 2012 for the first place.

Internet Karaoke

Internet karaoke Rising Stars
Since the invention of Karaoke  in 1975 by Roberto del Rosario and the infusion of video on the system, Videoke was born in 1990 in our country. Every bar, malls, many commercial markets and everywhere in our planet you can found this invention by Filipino and became a multi-billion dollar global industry as of today. With the rise of communication technology, computers, internet and mobiles phones, a new platform is emerging - the Internet Karaoke and iKaraoke is born.

With computer, microphone and internet at home, provide you with karaoke interactive platform for you to record and video your song online and it's totally free of charge. Register manually or use your Facebook account and you can start singing anytime and anywhere. Compete with other online members and practice to be the World's Karaoke champion and be a rising star.

Internet Karaoke "It's the Climb"


From iPod to iPhone, what makes apple unique in technology of art and design is the small letter i connected to it's gadget. With growing applications on smartphone, here comes a unique application that apple is creating for music fanatic - the iKaraoke. With this apps, virtually there is no limit when and where you can sing your favorite karaoke music in perfection because it will tell you if you miss a single beat.

Top Ten KWC 2011
Rising Star Site
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Mai Yang said...

karaoke is one of the best thing ever invented in the history. ^_^

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

nagiging sosyal na rin ang karaoke -_-

Jhari said...

I agree. Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng teknolohiya. Thanks for visiting my fashion blog ;)

GbSb said...

Tama ka Mai, Orange at Jahari.Nkakatangal kasi ng stress ang karaoke at videoke at dapat ilagay na din sa PC, sa tablet at sa mga smartphones.

GbSb said...

Correction: *Jhari

Mai Yang said...

past time kc namin ang mag karaoke eh. =))

GbSb said...

Masarap tlaga mag karaoke after school, pag may occasions at lalo na pag nasa bahay :-)

feiane (fe-yan) said...

i enjoy karaoke.... lahat ata ng pinoy magaling kumanta. :)

GbSb said...

Oo nga fe-yan, mgpapraktis na nga ako sa

Melo Smith said...

We've seen a lot of transitions and modifications being done in karaoke. But you can still find the cheap karaoke machines in the market.

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