Thursday, October 6, 2011

iSad with JOBs'less

iSad with Jobs'less
The World was iSad when Apple CEO Visionary Steve Job passed away last Wednesday (Oct. 5) due to pancreatic cancer. Different parts of the world mourn to his death from his home America to Asia.

He was given great honor with US President Barack Obama, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg,Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Microsoft Bill Gates, Mike Lazaridis CEOs of Blackberry and a 21 gun salute. At 56, he could do more if he is still alive and can still continue to build and change the world.

“Death is the destination we all share…it clears out the old way to make for the new” said by Job in speech he gave to a graduating class at Stanford University in 2005

An apple for a day keep iSad away

New Apple Logo
From Einstein to Steve, there will be another great mind to come to change us for better. Maybe it's in the younger generation to come. Job transformed us in the way we experience music, movies and mobile communication. It's a century of style and technology.With apple device everyday, you keep our iSad away. We will always remember your ingenuity and we shall never forget you. iWill miss you.

Jonathan Mak 19 year old boy who live in Hongkong design the logo at the left to give tribute to Steve has became a sensation after his death but it is said that it is a graphic rip off  from creative review originally made by raid71

iSearch with Google Search

Google Steve Jobs

Google give tribute to Steve by giving him a button in their google search page.

Steve Jobs' speech in Standford University 2005


Orange Pulps ♥ said...

marami na talaga kayong nag post ng gan'to :)

he really is an icon..and honestly, I just knew who he was when he died.. :/

GbSb said...

Oo nga orange, puno na ata mga blogs at twit :-)

Ronadelle said...

nakilala ko lang siya ngayon na namatay na. One of the great minds pala siya. Thanks for this post! isang imbentor ang nawala. Malulungkot talaga ang marami
By the way, mylotter ka pala. Anong name mo dun? Bukas payout ko na. Nagtrabaho ako ng maigi dun ngayon. Hihi. Burger ba gusto mo? ;D

GbSb said...

Wow congrats Rona.Kahit kape lang ok na sa akin..:-) GbSb19, add mo ako dun. Kaw anu name mo, ako na lang add sau.

Albert Corsame Umbac said...

So long goodbye Steve Jobs... yeah Orange ang rami ng ganitong posts sa blog..

your one is nice...

GbSb said...

Thanks bert, marami tlaga ako nabasa kia gumawa din ako kahit short tribute lang.

Ronadelle said...

Hi bro, nilagay ko na ung badge ko. grab mo na lang. add ko na din badge mo. nasan?

ronadelle ang pangalan ko dun. Add me and let's support each other there!

GbSb said...

Nilagay n kita, bagay n bagay sa page ko. hehehe...oo i will support u siz hangat nandito ako :-)

iya_khin said...

ito paka yung pinag uusapan kagabi!! now i know thanks for d info.

GbSb said...

Ur Welcome iya.parang bibilhin ata ng apple ung logo rights ni jonathan mak.

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