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New Philippine Peso - Best in Security Feature Currency Awards 2011

New Philippine Peso Optically Variable Device patch

The New Philippine Peso Bills are released on circulation by the Bangko Sentral in December 2010 and received numerous criticisms such as the inaccuracy of Philippine map and the wrong colored beak of blue-naped Parrot (it should be red) but BSP said there were no errors in design.

The map should not be 100% accurate because it's an artist rendition and the wrong colored beak is the consequence of printing capability limitations.

Despite criticisms we should be proud of the new peso series due to it's sophisticated design and security features against counterfeiting. The Philippine's NGC series became one of finalist and best in security features on IACA (International Association on Currency Affairs) awards held in Singapore last October 5, 2011 using the ODV patch.

Ugandan Shilling bagged the top award. The contest awards the best currencies in design, innovation and security features issued in the last 18 months.

Photos of New Generation Philippine Banknotes
What is OVD Patch Feature?  

The OVD (Optically Variable Device) patch security feature was first time implemented on 500 and 1000 peso bills by the Bangko Sentral. This is a reflective foil (oval shape) with BSP image on parrot (500 peso bill) and Pearl inside the clam (1000 peso bill). The color of the parrot and the clam changes from RED to GREEN when rotated 90 degrees angle.

The optical security patch was made by Hologram Industries - leading global provider of visual and digital high security solutions against counterfeiting. OVD is an immediate and reliable security authentication of the product or document using our hand and eyes.

ODV Role:

3 Easy and quick natural movements to observe a document

Optically Variable Device(ODV) Role to observe a Document
1. Top to Bottom
2. Left to Right
3. 90 degrees rotation

Security Features of New Generation Currency Series

1. Made of 80% Cotton and 20% Abaca Fiber
2. Embossed Distinct Tactile Feel
3. Increasing Serial number Font
4. Fluorescent Marks that glow under UV (Ultraviolet Light) and Black light
5. Bioguard that resist bacteria and other micro-organisms
6. Watermark

Fluorescent Marks:

One of the new security features of the New Generation Currency series are the security threads and glowing featured animal icon. The parrot and the clam glows under Ultraviolet light and Black light. The 500 and 1000 peso bills have more security threads compared with 20, 50, 100 and 200 bills.

Fluorescence Marks of  P500 and P1000 bills

BioGuard Feature

Bioguard was developed by Arwoggins Security and one of their many products. Our new peso bills is treated with antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. It means that our paper bills are more cleaner and prevent  micro-organisms to multiply preventing the risk of passing pathogenic microbes from one person to another and it last for a lifetime.

Arwoggins Security Bioguard 

New Philippine Peso Bills
Philippine Coins and Banknotes
New Generation Currency Video Presentation
Hologram Industries


Albert Einstein ☺ said...

Ang astig naman ng ating pera! May BioGuard feature pa.
I hope counterfeiting will be eliminated na with this kind of features they are putting on our bills. Sa barya, meron ba?
Just kidding!

GbSb said...

Oo nga bert, abangan natin yung sa new peso coins kung anung mga new features :-)

cardiacku said...

Mata uangnya bagus-bagus sahabat...

anney said...

Wow! Ang galing ha! sana nga di na magkaroon ng conterfeit ang pera natin sa mga bagong security features!

Mai Yang said...

un nga lang, mali2x ang unang labas nito dba?
plus, mali daw ang pgkakasulat ng scientific name..?

GbSb said...

Oo mai, mali yung binomial nomenclature or pagkakasulat ng scientific name ng mga animals. Dapat kasi hindi capital letter yung first letter at saka naka italicized.

Mai Yang said...

hahaha! sabi na nga ba eh. my gosh. nagsasayang lang sila ng pera. but anyway, thanks!

GbSb said...

Hehehe..oo nga mai peru ok na din sa akin yan na more secured and cleaner ang new peso bills natin

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Just want to share my insight on these errors. Early on, I was one of those who criticize our money for its errors. But a friend of mine once said, "Its not a science book, to be so accurate with those scientific names. Its not a map, to be so precise to have 7107 islands. Its not a photograph to so accurate down to the very smallest pixel. These are very different things. Remember its a paper money." Then I smiled and realized his point.


GbSb said...

Tama ka dian pinoyNumi,BSP can redesign it for better naman if gugustuhin lang nila peru proud na din ako.

Anonymous said...

Sana my like button sa reply mo.. *like* hehehehe..

GbSb said...

Hehehe oo nga, try ko aralin if pwde ang like button katabi ng reply.Thanks 4 visiting my blog..

pinoy_oman said...

Great info. That is something that we should be proud of.

Nice blog. I have been following you.


GbSb said...

Thanks Omen, You have a nice blog. I'm following you too.

ArdiaNz said...

nice info my friend
visit back

GbSb said...

Thanks for visiting ArdiaNz..

arrielle said...

Hindi pa nalalagyan ng 500 at 1000 ang wallet ko sa mga bagong pera. :)

Philippine Peso Exchange Rate

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