Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CitisecOnline (COL) Stock Trading, Investing - One Solution to Poverty

Money will work for me one day with COL Investing and Trading
"Study hard so that you can get a good job said my parents"

We work hard for money to buy our dream house, to give our children good future and secured our retirement. But how long would it take for an ordinary employee in an ordinary company to fulfill this dreams?

Why the poor become poorer and the richer become richer?

We are locked in the system of poor people having to loan and paying those interest rates and the rich people lending us money and making profits. Poverty is uneven distribution of wealth. If only those wealthy person will give or share their wealth to poor people, it eliminates the difference.

We Filipinos are very talented, we are best in Mathematics, in Science and Technology. We have many great Inventors and Inventions that contribute to the evolution of computer and internet we are using today.

Year by year, Filipino internet users are increasing rapidly and even lower socio-economic class have access to internet. Internet usage are particularly higher among younger segments and this is a good news. Today, Younger generation can access vast information compared to the old generations 10 years ago. This vast of information and knowledge is a tool for a change, to find a way out in the bottom of the pyramid.

One way to secure our future is to invest on the Philippine stock market. Stock market is a place where we can invest to other people companies. It's simply we buy share or owned some part of the company to participate in it's growth thus, provides our wealth to grow.

Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) Market Statistics as of 2009

Why should I invest in stock market? Why not save it in the bank and let it grow?

Saving it in the bank provides little rewards or interest and inflation eats up your money value. You save P100 today and it will be of less value year after year due to inflation. Invest it on stock market and it will grow through price appreciation and company dividends. Dividend is the money given back or profits to it's shareholders or investors. Price appreciation is the stock price increase. For example, you buy a P10/share today and after 1 year it is P15/share, you have a P5 price appreciation.

Using your computer and the internet, you can now invest online on the stock market. CitisecOnline (COL) is the best online stock trading in the Philippines composed of professional IT and Financial management team. COL is publicly listed on Philippine Stock Exchange since 2006. It means that you can also buy share or stocks with them and be part of their growing company.

CitisecOnline Stock Trading and Investing Features

COL Online Stock Trading and Investing Features:

1. Faster execution and off hours orders compared to old traditional broker.
2. It also provides you with market statistics, portfolio monitoring and charting tools online .
3. It gives market research and studies and free seminars that can help and guide you for current trends and market forecast.
4. Online service is 24/7 and gives you best commission rates.

Take advantage of the internet technology and for as low as P5000 you can start to invest in the Philippine Stock market and be part of the growing companies like Jollibee (JFC), Ayala Land (ALI) and PLDT (TEL) and build your wealth with time.

Not only with internet, online stock trading is now on TV, Pesos and Sense can be watch on GMA news TV channel 11 every Saturday 8:30 am - 9:00 am. This financial advocacy aims to teach us the complex world of financial and investment literacy to every Filipino people to fight poverty, to fight financial illiteracy and upliftment of our lives.

CitisecOnline Site


krizza said...

Nice post! I was also thinking to do the stock market but I have a very limited know how on this. I don't really know where to start. This is a very detailed post. I will book marked ths for future reference. Thanks! :)

GbSb said...

Your welcome Kriz, First you can visit their site . Second, Click mo ung Open an account button sa baba lang ng log in, tapos nandun yung mga requirements. Yung office nila nasa likod lang ng SM megamall sa phil stock exchange building.

anney said...

Naku ako wala talaga alam sa stock market. hehehe! Yung isa kong tita e nag invest sya. Minsan malaki nag tubo minsan maliit lang pero ok na din kasi napapalagi din ang pera nya.

GbSb said...

You should try this one anney :-). Ang advantage nia is P5000 lang ang starting capital.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just added your blog in my link exchange page. Just post a comment if mali ung title and description. Thanks!

The Philippine Landmarks Today

GbSb said...

Thanks mang juan for adding.Ok na po yung description :-)

mtrguanlao said...

I'm still having second thoughts in investing money here friend but it sounds like a good business based on your explanations. :)
My friend you said i-add ko link mo sa blog ko,di ko kc lam friend kun pano but I love to!

GbSb said...

You can try it friend at wala naman mawawala. para mag add ng link, punta ka sa design>add gadget>select link list or blog list.

i drag mo lang yung gadget if saan mo gusto ilagay ang mga links mo.

Ron said...

we'll this is very interesting.. i've been looking for articles explaining more about online stock trading.. and this one's the most informative...

might try this out sooner... tnx for the info..

cheers! :D

GbSb said...

Thanks for visiting Ron, I'm here to help if you have additional queries with regards CitisecOnline.

JIA said...

Nice post I'll try this online investing,through the link u gave is ir possible to regularLy check the account online?GOD BLESS. jIA

GbSb said...

Yes JIA you can check 24/7 with your account. Charting tools and market analysis are also available if you open your account.

Yugo said...

nice.. I like this topic.

GbSb said...

Thanks yugo for the visit..Happy Holloween..

angel said...

Great blog nice n useful information , it is very helpful for me , I realy appreciate thanks for sharing. I would like to read more information thanks.

Lenddo Philippines said...

Great post! We encourage people to explore and invest in passive income instruments all the time.

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