Sunday, October 30, 2011

The power of Text Messaging and Internet - Vote for New 7 Wonders of Nature

My New 7 Wonders of Nature
Finally, I voted up Puerto Princesa Underground River and 6 others for the new 7 wonders of nature!

How about you?

Philippine is the Text messaging capital of the world. Roughly 80% of Filipinos are subscribed in mobile service and 1.39 billion SMS are being sent everyday in 2009 according to Wikipedia. It's even more after more than a year.

Almost anyone owns a mobile phone from simple Nokia to iPhone 4S, from rich to poorer, from adults to youngsters and from higher to lower status quo. Everyone uses text messaging for communication. SMS ( Short Message Service) or simply text messaging was created in the late 1980's by a Finnish Engineer Matti Makkonen. First SMS message was sent in December 1992 from a personal computer to a cellular phone on the Vodafone GSM network in the United Kingdom and today you can send an SMS anywhere in the world,

On the other hand, increasing internet usage is also seen in our country year by year. Even though we rarely see computers at home, internet access is readily available on the internet shop or cafe. Also, mobile phone are readily pack with fast internet so, we can be online anytime and anywhere.

Hurry up! 

You can cast your votes now for the new 7 wonders of nature either by internet and through SMS or text messaging. This is our opportunity to use this technology to vote for Puerto Princesa underground River which is the world's longest underground river and can be found 50km north of Puerto Princesa Palawan.

To vote online visit new7wonders of nature website and for SMS vote on Puerto Princesa Underground River send PPUR to 2861. Cost per sent is P2.00 for Sun and P2.50 for Globe and Smart. Each SMS sent is counted as one vote.

Let us show the world the gift of nature God has given our country, this fossilized treasure which survived the test of time will be the testimony of how great our Creator is. Let us support PP Underground River.

New 7 Wonders of Nature


ArdiaNz said...

nice informasion my friend

GbSb said...

Thanks ArdianZ, let us support Puerto Princesa Underground River.

krizza said...

Oh haven't heard about this yet, okay I'll try to check and vote...thanks for the info dear! :)

Sam D. said...

I check-out the website how many times but I can't get through sorry...I will check back again later. I did some click here too. :-)

GbSb said...

Your right Sam it's hard to access their website now,it takes me 3 tries. Maybe because there is a huge traffic to them right now. You can try it later.

Mai Yang said...

hmm..yeah, I do agree with Sam D :)

GbSb said...

Hi mai, manually type their site to your browser address bar if the link is not working. Happy Holloween

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