Friday, October 21, 2011

Taal Volcano - Just Another DPWH Photoshop Meme

Hollywood Like Sign on Taal Volcano
Do you think it's finished after the great DPWH Photoshop meme in damaged Manila Bay seawall after typhoon Pedring and extending it's way to Washington Post and Wallstreet Journal? It's not, because another Photoshop meme in one of the 12 most beautiful lake in the world  is now rapidly spreading on Twitter and Facebook with BATANGAS sign in Taal Volcano.

It gone viral on the net in a matter of hours and many netizens express criticisms, opposition and beliefs.

"The proposal to have a Batangas sign where Taal volcano is simply stupid. It's the penchant of politicians to put their names everywhere" One of netizens tweets.

Taal lake which  home the world's smallest active Taal volcano is one of 12 most beautiful lake in the world, the deepest lake with a depth of 564 feet and the third largest lake in our country. The only sardine living in freshwater can only be found here which is known as "tawilis". I don't think building a look a like Hollywood sign will increase tourism business and it will just ruined the natural beauty of the spot.

The great DPWH on Taal Volcano Meme
What is Meme?

Meme is an idea that is passed from one generation to generation through speech, writing, gestures and other imitable media.. It is from a Greek word "mimeme" which means something imitated. It is first coined in the book " The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins in 1976. The idea of meme was like a gene of biological inheritance that can pass to generations. Meme's are typically short lived ideas.

The Magic of Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program that runs on Windows and Macintosh operating system. So far, this is Adobe's most popular application and you can create image retouching, realistic painting and 3D special effects with your pictures and movies.

Here's what Photoshop can do?

Photoshop Magic

Photoshop Magic "The great Painting"

Photoshop Magic " Leaning Statue of Liberty"

And this,

"Batangas Like Photoshop"


Catanduanes "Twin Rock Beach Resort" Sign

Grabbed your own photos and try to edit it with Photoshop and create a magic and you can submit it to Hollywood Pilipinas.

Practicing CS5 New Features
Hollywood Pilipinas
DPHWhere Facebook
Mystery of Twin Rock Beach Resort


aLgene said...

I'm not really good at Adobe Photoshop. LOL. Simple edits lang kaya ko. Hehehe :D

GbSb said...

Try and try lang algene, kaya mo yan :-)

krizza said...

I'm enjoying this post dear! Very interesting! Parang gusto ko din mag try. Hahaha...

By the way, thanks for your visit! *hugs*

GbSb said...

You can try din sa mga photos mo kriz, thanks for the visit..

elmo said...

nice edits. this even topped the dpwh 3 stoogies. go ate vi!

~FBT UBT Link Ex

GbSb said...

Thanks elmo. I visit u back

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