Sunday, October 9, 2011

Science and Technology Poems - Without Light and Time

Without Light, there would be darkness. No warmth to felt, No heat to melt.

Without Light

Without light, there would be DARKNESS
No warmth to felt,
No heat to melt,
No seed to sow,
No animals to GROW and
No food to eat.

Without light, the sky is not blue
No COLORS to see,
No rains to come, 
Rainbows are gone
No thunderstorm to HEAR and
Lightning to scare.

Without light, fame is not for HIM
No theory of relativity,
No fission to study,
No atom bomb to EXPLODE and
Radiation to be absorbed.

Without light our EYES could not see
No nearsightedness,
No farsightedness,
No FACE to see,
Love at first sight could not be.

But the truth there is LIGHT
Light that gave birth to life
Life that give us love,
Love from GOD.


The space tells your height,
The time makes you exist but
Why you never wonder?
Why you are here.

When you look up at the stars,
You are looking at the past but
What you never imagine?
It is forever gone.

Time always move forward and
Never to be backward but
What you may never think?
Relativity defies something.

What is always about to happen soon but
Never actually happens.
But when you never know?
It could be tomorrow.

All things must change,
To something new, to something strange but
What will never change?
Time changes everything.

But more important is you
And because of you,
you are here and
Time rest on YOU.

Time became one of semifinalist in the International Amateur Poetry contest on 2001 and had been recorded on Sound of Poetry. Without light is my first poem. I hope you enjoy reading.

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kath said...

wow galing for those accomplishments! i like your poems :) used to write poems too back in high school and college =)
following you now too..

GbSb said...

Thanks Kath. I'll add you in my links

mtrguanlao said...

Wow friend,you have the talent of being a poet eh,haha! Nice poems,like it! :)

GbSb said...

Parang malabo ata friend.hehehe...

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