Sunday, November 20, 2011

Angry Birds RIO Last Level Bosses Game Guide

Angry Birds RIO

Angry Birds is a puzzle game and can be played on different platforms from mobile to your PC and social networking site like Facebook and Google+. Starting from it's released on December 2009 up to present, it has achieved a half billion (500 million) downloads throughout the world across all platforms.

As the popularity of the game remain in other parts of the world and increasing in the Philippines as it will be the next top rising search query in our country for 2011, I compiled the Angry Birds RIO Last Level Bosses for Beginners guide.

Smuggler's DEN Boss level 2-15: The TANK

I called it the "Tank boss" and this is easy to solved. Try to  break the chains above the birds to make it unbalanced and afterwards hit the wheels of the tank and your done. I labeled the pictures with X-marks for your key target. Just follow the X marks.

Angry Birds RIO Smuggler's Den and Jungle Escape Boss Level 2-15 and 4-15

Jungle ESCAPE Boss level 4-15: The White PARROT

Hit the vine holding the TNT just below the Boss white parrot using the blue double parrot and try to hit all the TNT's in front and at the back to disintegrate the pile of stones, be sure the boss is near to damage it. Just follow the X marks.

Beach Volley Boss level 6-15: The Beach BALLS

Hit the pile of beach balls at the right side of the screen to drop it off to the floor and your friendly DOG will help you along the way. Drop off the black bird on the center of the  structures as much as possible to increase it's damage effect after explosion. Try to follow the X marks.

Angry Birds RIO beach Volley and Carnival Upheavel Boss Level 6-15 and 8-15

Carnival UPHEAVEL Boss Level 8-15: The MONKEY

The last level of Angry birds RIO Carnival Upheavel is the boss Monkey. Try to hit the balloons ( using the blue bird) holding the TNT exactly above the monkey to hit it. Use the same strategy with boss level 4-15. Also hit the pile of stones at the right side to trigger an explosion of stones. The boss will had a hard time dodging lots and tons of stones.

Angry Birds RIO Airfield Chase Boss Level 10-15

Airfield CHASE Boss Level 10-15: The Escape

Sequel to the Carnival Upheveal is Airfield Chase. I will call the boss for this latest installment "Angry Birds Plane". Airfield Chase levels are very challenging and I found some levels to be very hard and need precision to complete. To beat this level, try to hit with the small red bird the top x mark to hit the two cages.

Use the blue bird and use it's skill ( to turn into 3 birds) to hit the 3 cages below and use the explosive black bird to free the parrots inside the plane. Don't forget to upgrade your Angry Birds RIO and install it, just connect to the internet and open the game and it will automatically upgrade.

I hope you enjoy playing Angry Birds, don't be angry if you can't solve the puzzle. Just try and try again.

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Albert Einstein ☺ said...

I will try this one sooner.

GbSb said...

You should try Angry Birds Albert, it is fun and challenging.

Angry Birds Rio for android said...

I love the game, but its really slow sometimes. some freezes. But otherwise... Awsome game!

Cee said...

I haven't had much time to play any game lately. I bet, it's addicting!

GbSb said...

Don't hesitate to try Cee, you can finished it in a few days.

Cora Duke's SnapShots! said...

:-)it's really fun game makes you crazy sometimes.. level 10-15? thanks for sharing..

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