Friday, November 25, 2011

Angry Birds Seasons Halloween 2012 Bosses - How to Beat them

Angry Birds Halloween 2012 "Ham'o'ween Edition"

Angry Birds Halloween 2012 "Ham'O'ween" is the sequel to the Halloween 2011 edition of Angry birds PC version by Rovio. The upgrade packed consist of 30 challenging levels and the boss - evil green pigs with crown at the last level (2-15). You can download Angry Birds Halloween 2012 at Rovio site to update your game with their latest angry birds edition.

How to Beat the Bosses from Halloween 2012

Angry Birds Halloween 2012 Boss 1-15

Level 1-15: I will call the boss for this level a "Pumpkin Pig", inside his armor pumpkin protecting him from damages. To beat this level, you should hit the black explosive pumpkins, breaking the pile of stones and damaging nearby structures. I mark it with x marks. Use the last 2 birds (yellow bird and the small red bird) to kill the boss inside the pumpkin and your done.

Angry Birds Halloween 2012 Boss 2-15

Level 2-15: Evil green pig with crown, lets call it " The Princess Pig". One unique type of bird on this upgrade is the orange balloon bird ( inflated when activated). Hit with orange bird the ghost pig, above the princess pig and inflate it at the princess side. Use the yellow bird to hit the black explosive pumpkin, labeled with x mark.

Try to hit with exploding black bird the pumpkin armored pig and nearby enemies. Finish the game using the white bird and congratulations once again. You did it! Don't be angry with angry birds if you can't beat the bosses, you can always try and try again and beat you own high score.


Henry said...

This AB Halloween edition looks really fun.

HD Cafe said...

An awesome article, thanks for sharing it.

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it's a fun game :-)

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