Thursday, November 17, 2011

Facebook Hacked with "Fawkes Virus" Spamming Porn Content

Fawkes Facebook Virus

Could it be the Fawkes Virus that spreading the porn and explicit content on Facebook newsfeed a few days ago? 

Facebook users was angry, intrigued and disgusted with viral pictures and porn contents spreading on the number 1 social networking site in our country and other parts of the world. Facebook is still investigating the threat and leading one on blame to this new malware Fawkes Virus.

Bitdefender Antimalware detected it as Backdoor-Bifrose-AAX as early of July 8 this year. It disguise as a new application "New Facebook Video Chat with Voice Features and when an innocent user follows the link and downloaded the into his computer,

Facebook Fawkes Virus will do the following

1. It is a backdoor worm Injecting itself into Internet Explorer and kills several process of your computer and antimalware protections
2. It is a keylogger, recording every key stroke of users strike on keyboard stealing your passwords and personal information.
3. It connects to a remote server called the Bifrost Remote controller to send the stolen information in your computer
4. It hides to your security processes and delete registries of firewall and anti virus related processes.

With this new form of social networking virus, we should not let down our own defenses. We should always protect our security, we should install anti virus protections, update and scan it regularly. You can install IOBIT Malware Fighter or AVG 2012 virus protections or other free security applications. Try to avoid unknown links , porn sites and downloading from unknown or untrusted sites.

You can follow my 7 simple ways for virus free computer.


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Cee said...

This is really so annoying because Facebook allows underage users! hrrr..

orange pulps said...

tsk, tsk, tsk.. not good -_-

GbSb said...

Thanks Cee and Orange, Hope you always protect your Facebook account and install updated antivirus in your computer

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