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Godswar Online Warrior Reflect Damage Build Guide

Godswar Reflect Damage of Level 60 Panda PET during Merge
Are you a Godswar Online fanatic? Godswar Warrior class is the TANK of the game, best on defense and given the highest HP per level. But what is the use of  HP if you cannot even kill an enemy? You cannot win a fight if your not damaging an enemy, right?

So, I've come up a build for warrior to convert HP into damage and we will call it " Reflect Damage Warrior", approximately it will damage up to 50 - 60% of enemy HP without attacking.

Steps in building a  Reflect Damage Warrior

A. Gears and Equipment

1. Build a Full HP gears, helmet and rings should have an HP stats rather than attack stats.
2. Change gears MP stats with HP stats and level it up to 4 or 5 as much as possible.
3. Level up your character to 120 to benefit from the HIGH HP per level.

B. Pet

1. Choose Panda as your initial pet and later change its appearance to Tiger or the Murloc for higher reflect damage skills.
2. Level up your PET to 50 or up to increase reflect damage during merging and upgrade it's reflect skills.
3. Below are PET skills reflect damage

TIGER = 160 - 400 damage
MURLOC = 200-500 damage
Lvl 60 PET savvy during merge = ~600 reflect damage

C. Mount

1. Put mount gears with HP stats, a reflect warrior should have a high HP.
2. Level up mount to 60 and up as much as possible to unlock higher mount HP gears.

D. HolyStone

1. Double Drill your gears to mount Holy Stone and use the Water Spirit of FROST and  Water Spirit of ICE for the reflect damage.
2. Use level 5 or up Holy Stone and Goddess stone during the process. If you do not have gold, you can buy it at Instance NPC with Honor Points. You can collect Honor points in the Atlantis instance.

Godswar Holy stone Reflect damage taken and percentage damage

E. Tenacity

1. This is very important to evade a critical strike especially from champion and mage. With only a normal attack of your opponent , your reflect damage is very painful to them.
2. Build a tenacity of 200 or above. Make a gears with tenacity stats and pump up your talent tree with tenacity skills. Also your pet should have a tenacity skills.

F. Sample Computation of Reflect Damage

This is only an example computation, this is not accurate but it will give you a hint and guide how to compute the total reflect damage. You can substitute it with the true values of your stats.

Total Reflect Damage = Pet skills + Pet merge + Water Spirit of FROST + Water Spirit of ICE.

Tiger = ~400 max damage at skill lvl 1
Pet Merge = ~ 600 at Level 60

Water Spirit of FROST Holy Stone
average reflect damage  = 150 x 7 gears = 1050

Water Spirit of ICE Holy Stone
1.5 % reflect damage = 1.5% x 7 gears = 10.5%
= 10.5% of 9K is 945

Note: You can drill at most 2 cooled Holy Stone at your armor, shield, sleeves, leggings, shoes, belts and amulets gear. Average attack range at level 120 is 9K, this is only an approximation.

Total Reflect Damage = 400+ 600 + 1050 + 945 = 2995

If you are a 90K HP warrior and attacked by champion with 9K per hit, it will take 10 hits to kill you. You will damage your opponent with ~30K HP or 50-60% of his HP without hitting him. Average life of a champion at level 120 is 50K HP.

Note: Reflect Damage is ineffective against monster. In other words, it is for PVP only. Reflect damage cannot be block by defense and absorb attributes.

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