Saturday, November 19, 2011

Godswar Online Zeus Envoy - The Family Feud Quest Guide

Godswar Online Family Feud Quest

Zeus Envoy " The Family Feud" is a daily quest in Godswar Online with rewards of almost 1 million Experience, Talent points and Zodiac energy. Godswar Online is a 3D MMORPG game from the mythological story of Athens and Sparta made by IGG.

At level 50, you can start to take this quest,  as a newbie or beginner in Godswar Online I also had a hard time doing this quest so I decided to make a simple guide for those new on the game.

Just follow this simple steps in solving this Zeus Envoy quest and you can finished it in less than 15 minutes. Doing this everyday is very rewarding and one strategy to level up faster.

Rewards by Completing the Zeus Envoy Quest

Here is the complete list of rewards ( Experience, Talent Points and Zodiac energy) given by envoy 1 to envoy 5 after you completed the quest one by one. This is taken from a level 120 character and rewards varies according to your level.

Envoy 1 =   50,000 EXP,   1 TP and 50 Zodiac Energy
Envoy 2 = 100,000 EXP,   3 TP and 50 Zodiac Energy
Envoy 3 = 150,000 EXP,   5 TP and 50 Zodiac Energy
Envoy 4 = 250,000 EXP,   8 TP and 50 Zodiac Energy
Envoy 5 = 350,000 EXP, 14 TP and 50 Zodiac Energy

Total = 900,000 EXP, 31 TP and 250 Zodiac Energy

Step by Step Guide in Solving the Zeus Envoy Family Feud Quest

From Envoy 1 to Envoy 2


Godswar Online Zeus Envoy " Family Feud Guide" Quest Guide

Going to Envoy 3:


Going to Envoy 4:


Going to Envoy 5:


Just look in the picture I made to check your current position and the shortcuts to the next envoy. Enjoy playing Godswar Online.

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Yen said...

My sister can relate to this game, shes a fan. I'll make her check your site:)
btw, thankyou for dropping by

GbSb said...

Thanks Yen, I'm still playing Godswar and I will make guide on quests and other classes.

Tsinoy Foodies said...

Cool tricks too bad I quite playing because I might get addicted haha

Anonymous said...

ummm not to say anything about your guide it is accurate but you can cut a few steps:
Envoy 1>2: 7,5,9,3.
Envoy 2>3: 7,5.
Envoy 3>4: 7.
Envoy 4>5: 5,9,3,4,6,2,9.

Kimby>Platea/Elasson/Megara Server

GbSb said...

Thank you for detailed Zeus Envoy suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this :)

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