Wednesday, November 2, 2011

iBUS - New Philippine Invention 2011

Elma Arboleras on British Invention Show 2011
Elma Arboleras, a pinay and Rodel de Guzman - co inventor, won the Gold medal in Consumer category of 11th British Invention Show (BIS) held last October 19- 22, 2011 in London.

It's not iPad nor an iPhone but a traffic invention called iBUS (intelligent BUS Utility System) - the first patented BUS monitoring and management system in the Philippines. It's an 8 years self funded research project and she turns down the offer to buy it abroad. Elma's wanted to first benefit our country from it, it’s my gift to Philippines.

“A single invention has a capability to transform the wealth of a nation. And it’s common that great inventions and great innovations actually can go unnoticed...sitting on university desk...they don’t get out..they don’t escape and don’t see the light of day.” -Arboleras-

iBUS System would make Buses:

1. Loads and unloads in the proper designated areas only.
2. Track the time of departure and arrival (Uses the Real Time Location System).
3. Limit on Bus stoppage time.
4. Doors are program to open and closes at allocated areas only.
5. It uses machine readable tags for traceability and monitoring.

British Invention Show 

The first BIS event took place in 2001 at  London's Barbican Center. This is created to develop new business opportunities by bringing together innovation and enterprise, inventors and invention, designers and manufacturers. British Inventors Society was formed in 2003 with a common belief that invention is the vital spark that drives the world technology and new orders of wealth creation.

With motorcycle lanes being implemented last month to lower down motorcycle related accidents, I hope our government will also support iBUS invention. This will solved our traffic in Metro Manila and other areas of our country. Let us show to the world that Filipinos can make a difference.

BIS Website

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krizza said...

Sounds interesting. My first time to hear about this new invention. Thanks for sharing this. As an OFW, it's very seldom that I get updated with the current events in the Philippines. :)

GbSb said...

Hi Kriz, thanks for can always visit my page for either old & current filipino technology. I will try to dig as much a I can about our technologies.Thanks.

Albert Einstein ☺ said...

I'm proud that I am a Filipino.


GbSb said...

Thanks for visiting Albert,we should be proud...

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