Monday, November 14, 2011

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3 - His Worst Game Ever

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3 Compubox result

It is his worst game, I didn’t see the true Manny Pacquiao when I watched this fight and I thought something was wrong with Manny. I even asked myself, what's wrong with Pacquiao. The game was very close and everybody knew it. The last 3 rounds makes the difference and it makes him the TRUE winner.

I'm not a boxing analyst or expert on this sports but the last 3 rounds, Marquez losses his stamina, punching power and his will and attack rate decreases compared with the 1st to 9th round. What happen to Marquez? Is this the effect of prayers, supports and our will to win our pound for pound king again or it's just the age difference?

The TRUE Winner

Our pound for pound king won by majority decision, Judges Hoyle 114 -144, Townsbridge 116-112 and Moretti 115-113 votes for Pacquiao . There is also a machine that counts the fighter punches on the ring but this is not official. This is called the COMPUBox, it is used to tabulate and statistically quantify the thrown punches of the two boxers, typically computerized and run by two operators. This is used in boxing around the world.

Pacquiao wins stirs controversy, some boxing analyst says it Marquez who won and that he was robbed by victory once again. But whatever they say, Manny won the fight and I saw it, I feel it.

With judges decision, with 578 punches thrown and Compubox results, even in his worst fight and cramps on his leg, Pacquiao shows us the true spirit of Filipino fighter, "To fight until the END" whom Marquez don’t have.

Do the  Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 worth fighting for?

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Albert Einstein☺ said...

I did not watch the whole round, I just viewed the singing of the Philippines', Mexico's and America's national anthem; and the last two rounds. Hahaha, I am not a fan of Manny Pacquiao! Yeah, basing on Marquez' reaction when the last round ended, during the time when he raised his hand, I concluded that he won. Many were happy with what he is showing on stage even those who were not Mexicans supported and expected that he will reign. However, basing on what you said, the Compubox results and the judges' decision, Manny won!
This is what the judges' have decided so we should not argue with them. Even me I was shocked with the outcome! But, I don't have any rights to change the result. What I am after now is the proposed fourth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez this May. I just hope that Manny will knock Marquez down!

This is another accolade for our country, after the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park made it to the Seven New Wonders of Nature!

J. Alvarez said...

internet has been buzzing about the results, facebook was filled with a deluge of comments and reactions. but it really is not a good night for manny. marquez's waiting game and counterpunching is difficult. but i do agree that wbo belt should remain with manny. =)

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

I did not see the fight on Sunday but I know Manny will have the belt once again. He deserves it. Yan ang Pinoy.

And with this post, I learned something about how boxing is scored. hihi. Good day. :)

anney said...

Di ko napanood ang laban pero may nakita akong mga pictures na tinapakan ni Marquez si manny sa paa ng ilang beses! Daya nga daw1

GbSb said...

Thanks albert, J.alva, orange and anney. I know Pacquiao won and honestly he was hurt, he did not met our expectations during the fight and he said he was not superman and he's right.

I watched the foot stopper trick used by marquez in youtube, all I can say, it is well practiced by marquez :-)

Maricel said...

Just so happened that people are used to seeing Manny dominating a game, throwing combination punches again and again. But then again, though I'm not a boxing analyst myself, I read somewhere that in boxing, a challenger should be really aggressive to snatch the belt from the champion. I had not been able to watch the fight myself, but those who did said that Marquez wasn't quite the aggressor, him being a defensive boxer more than an offensive one.

crumpylicious blog said...

It may be his worst fight but it was also his most thrilling match.

GbSb said...

Thanks Maricel and Crumpy for the visits. I hope Pacquiao next game is against Mayweather.

Anonymous said...

No, this is not his worst game ever. I think the fights with Mosley and CLottey are! Boring fights mean nothing to Pac because his weakness wasn't tested. I still have Pac as my winner for the rubber match. JMM never knocked him out but Pac did for how many times. It's just that the fight was a perfect marriage of skills vs skills on the ring. So the only measure to either's greatness is a knockdown. Since Manny was never knocked down then he is still a far better boxer than the Mexican. Both can go on boxing each other over and over and still no clear winner unless either gets down on the canvas. But that is only applicable to PacMar fight cuz their calibre is umatch by any other fighter.

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