Thursday, November 3, 2011

Angry Birds - Philippines NEXT Fastest Rising Search Query 2011

Philippines Fastest Rising Query 2011
What will be the Philippines next top rising query for this year 2011? Do you have a bet? Last year it was jejemon and ipad and if your playing plants vs zombies, it is in the sixth place.

Angry birds is the Philippine fastest rising query for 2011 with a growth rate of greater than 5000%. Google called this growth rate "breakout".

It is followed by "fb" a slang maybe meaning facebook, comes third, Translate is the fourth one. Majority of queries are related to facebook as of end October 2011.

The increase in angry birds query in the world web search starts in October of 2010 as the game became popular in the United States and the trend continues to other parts of the world including our country.

As we moved along to the end of the year, this partial top search queries will change but I'm betting angry birds will remain top 1. Angry Birds image search also top the list, this includes logo, wallpapers and backgrounds.

Angry Birds - Most Search in the Philippines 2011

Angry Birds Mania

In the past months angry birds query is increasing rapidly and what does this search queries mean to us? Does it reflects our mind, interest and craving for wisdom of the Filipinos? What make this very popular to us? Is this the Angry Birds Mania? In our country, significant increase starts on May - July and increasing rapidly month per month and what I noticed is the trend is the same with And by just looking through the chart, there is a strong correlation between Angry birds and Facebook.

I suspect the launch of Angry Birds on Facebook contributes to the popularity of the game especially to Filipinos using the social networking site or Facebook addicts. The trend will increase until the first quarter of 2012. Well, that was just my opinion, who knows 2012 will be the year for Philippine Angry birds Mania.

Google Zeitgeist

Looking through the charts of google zeitgeist, I was amazed how they monitor our web searches or queries. Search engine is the gatekeeper of cyberspace, the source of knowledge and wisdom. Imagine without search engine and your doing a research, you have to go to libraries and find those related literature and bibliographies. Today Web searches is fast as lightning retrieving information around the world in less than a second compared a decade ago and this is what are users want.

Caffeine Web Indexing System

A few days ago, google search updates its search algorithm called Caffeine Web Indexing System and will impact 35% of searches. The new algorithm gives freshness, hottest, recent and relevant results to users. It will determine between the old and the new content and up to date information on the internet.

So what's on your mind today? Are you searching for angry birds, latest angry birds wallpaper or fb?

Google Trends
Google Blog

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Cee said...

Definitely it's all over the Internet....even in the market—stores side by side are selling Angry Birds collectibles.

I'm with you, the raves even grew louder when they launch the app on FB.

GbSb said...

You are right Cee.Also, holiday season will boost angry birds popularity. I even planning to buy angry birds toys this Christmas.

Michael said...

I'm not so keen with angry birds, but yeah, this is a hot thing right now. I guess I just don't wanna get hooked so I avoid it as much as possible.

Have a great week ahead!

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GbSb said...

Thanks mike for visiting, you should try angry birds game or some stuffs. Maybe an angry birds toys is great gift your birthday :-)

mtrguanlao said...

I love angry birds! My 3 yr old baby daughter is playing this,haha! And she's doing great,lol!

GbSb said...

Nice friend :-) Philippine Angry birds mania are coming. Thanks for visiting.

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