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Philippine Guinness World Records 2011 Longest Coin in a Line Attempt

Philippines World's Longest 25 Centavo Coins in a Line
Philippines will attempt to break the Guinness world record for Longest Coin in a Line by using 25 centavo coins in Quirino Grandstand Luneta Park in Manila this coming November 30, 2011.

The current holder was Kansas USA consisting of 3,406,234 US 1 cent coins and measuring 64.88 km since July 2008.

Organizers are aiming a 70 km or at least 5 million pieces of 25 centavo coins and urged every Filipinos to donate for a cause. Proceeds of the collections will go to funding of public Elementary classrooms around the country.

Philippine 25 centavo coin has a diameter of 22 mm and we will need 3.5 million P0.25 coins side by side to make a 70km or a 5 million pieces will pile a staggering 100 km long. Lets support our attempt for New Guinness World records for longest coin in a line.

"The Power of a small change, a small contribution and small acts from everyone will make it happen and will make a brighter future for students".

Philippines Guinness World Records for 2011

It is less than 2 months and year 2011 will be at end and I want to share with you our own, the Philippines Guinness World records for 2011.

Last year, 2010, some of the highlights are Manny Pacquiao for the most boxing world titles won in 8 different weight divisions, most firework rockets launched in 30 seconds held in Cebu, most participants in a racing event at the RUN for Pasig River and the largest shot slam who all drank a shot of gin in Naga city.

Year by year, we broke other world records and make new ones and for 2011, from shortest man to the longest and largest crocodile in the world, the evidence of nature's life diversity can truly be found in our country. Let's take a look to our world records for this year.

Lolong - World's largest crocodile

1. The longest and largest crocodile " Lolong" in the world will be the next Guinness world record, measuring 21 feet and 1 inch declared by Dr. Adam Britton, an Australian zoologist and crocodile expert last September 2011. Lolong was caught in Bunawan Agusan del Sur and beaten Cassius, the record holder from Australia measuring approximately 18 feet long.

Junrey Balawing - Shortest living man in the world

2. The shortest living man is Junrey Balawing. He is 18 years old and a little bit taller than a rooster and measures 59.93 cm (23.5 in) tall as verified at Sindangan Health Centre in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte on June 2011. He replaces Khagendra Thapa Magar, the world's smallest man from Nepal measuring 67.08 cm (26.41 in) on October 2010, also 18 years old during that time.

Project EL Verde - Most trees planted simultaneously

3. The most trees planted simultaneously was 64,096 and was achieved by the people of Siruma and Tinambac Camarines Sur under the El Verde program last February 2011. Previous record holder was from India with 50, 003 trees. El Verde project aims to plant 12 million trees until 2012.

Maynilad largest pipe drum Ensemble
4. The largest pipe drum ensemble involved 1,874 participants and was achieved by Maynilad Water Services Inc. at the SMX Convention Center in Manila on January 2011. Ensemble is a group of musicians performing together and using water pipe and plastic puddle as the instrument Maynilad participants beats it to make a drumming sound, making a new Guinness world record for the new category.

The Power of small change
Guinness World Records

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Albert Einstein☺ said...

congrats Philippines. Job well done.

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Wow! Sana we can make it to the Guinness world record for Longest Coin in a Line!

crumpylicious blog said...

wow cool too bad I don't have a permit to take a picture for that

GbSb said...

Thanks for visiting, We should donate our 25 centavos to the event this coming Nov 30 (Holiday)

krizza said...

Wow...that's cool. I hope Philippines could break the world record. This is for a good cause also. I like this project. Great!

Thanks for sharing this.
Have a great day!

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