Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What is the Philippine Internet Download Speed for 2011?

Pando's Global Download Internet Speed Study for 2011

Do you agree that the speed of internet contributes to the economic growth of one country? 

According to study of Pando Networks in 224 countries, South Korea top the world in terms of download speed clocking at 17.62 Mbps and Romania at 15.27 Mbps followed by other European countries.

United States make it at 26th in the world, suffering at 4.26 Mbps. This is sampled from 27 million downloads from 223 countries and reading in some countries is suspected to be inaccurate due to small sample size.

Philippine Internet Download Speed for 2011

By looking to the interactive map by Pando on Global Download Study, The Philippines average internet speed is 213 Kbps, pretty slow huh, but almost 2 times higher than Indonesia which is 129 Kbps and lower than neighboring Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Japan and of course South Korea.

Philippines at 213 Kbps - Global Internet Speed Study

South Korea has fastest average internet speed of 2202 Kbps, also followed by European countries. World's slowest internet can be found in Africa. The slowest is in Congo with average of 13 Kbps. I'm thinking how long would it take to download a DVD RIP movie of 800 Mb.

Globe Tattoo Broadband Prepaid Stick Internet Speed for 2011

As I saw this data, I tried to monitor my 3.1 Mbps Globe Tattoo broadband prepaid Internet speed just to satisfy my curiosity. Even before, as a loyal subscriber of Tattoo broadband prepaid, I notice that average download speed is only 300 Kbps and reaching top speed of 1.7 Mbps during midnight.

The result of my little research is very close to Pando's download study, it's a bit higher of 213 Kbps and even reaching a top speed of 500 Kbps and it varies hour per hour.

Take a look at my Globe Tattoo Broadband Download Internet Speed in Calamba, Laguna

Downloading at 10am

Download Internet Speed at 10 am

Downloading at 10:30am

Download Internet Speed at 10:30 am
Downloading at 11am

Download Internet Speed at 11 am

I recommend a further study or a deeper research should be taken because the study I made covered only a limited few hours. You can also try it in your place with your broadband or DSL internet.



Freddie Lore said...

I have this optimism that the Philippines will soon have a better internet.

That's a nice read man! Thanks!


Otakore Literantadodist said...

We are subscribed to 1MBps. My download speed limits to 300kbps (not the usual 100kbps). I don't know if I accidentally made some tweak with the line or it's on their end. I feel that the telco company we're subscribed with are deceiving subscribers. Limiting speed to profit.

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