Sunday, November 6, 2011

The World's 7th Billion Baby and My 7 Reasons of Blogging

Danica May Camacho - 7th billion person
The world's 7th billion baby Danica May Camacho was born in the Philippines on midnight October 31st, my country of more than 70 million people, the text messaging capital of the world sending more than 7 billion text messages or SMS  in 7 days.

7 billion is a big number, it would take almost 7 billion seconds (or 200 years) to count to 7 billion out loud. 7 billion steps would take you around the Globe less than 77 times ( multiply by 2). 7 people are born in less than 2 seconds and 7 dies in less than 4 seconds.

Near age 70 is the average life  span of a person in 2010 and less than 700 months during the year 1960. We tend to live longer today than 7 decades ago because of medical and technology breakthrough. The trend of population is increasing very fast and we will be 8 billion in 2025 and 9 billion in 2045.

Little Danica is an instant celebrity, she was greeted with a cake and local benefactors granted her scholarships and livelihood package to help her parents. She was from a low income family and like somebody else, she will face and battle poverty same with millions of Filipinos. But with our good government and economy growing, she will have a good future ahead. 

Were two of those 7 billion people in the world and I'm one of more than 70 million (multiply by 2) blogger's today. What lies ahead of us? Maybe Danica will be a blogger too someday.

World Population Trend - Forecast 9 billion people on 2045

7 Reasons why I'm Blogging?

1. Eagerness to share ideas, you can express your views and comments especially on technology and travel.
2. I want to explore the world of blogging, from 3 million blogger's in 2004 to more than 164 million today and still increasing, there is a lot to learn, to make new friends, to make a community of blogger's.
3. I like reading, commenting, listening, watching and researching.
4. Develop your writing, grammar and communication skills.
5. Blogging is one solution to illiteracy and poverty in the Philippines.
6. I can make money online.
7. It's challenging.

Like Danica's lucky number 7, I just only started blogging 7 weeks ago and I'm still searching for the right niche where I can excel and enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences. I will not stop reading, learning, experimenting on many topics regarding technology that every Filipino uses in their daily lives including me.

I hope I can find my place in blogosphere sooner or later and I'm very thankful for those blogger's that I met  and welcome me in the past 7 weeks. Thank you so much, keep blogging and continue what have you started and in 7 months or 7 years, we will find our own place.

The 7th Billion Baby
National Geographic 7th Billion Video
Blogger's World Trend


Mai Yang said...

I'd say, number 6 for me is N/A. haha!

GbSb said...

Hi mai, you can apply for google adsense. You can try it and nothing to lose.

orange pulps said...

Agree! number 5. ^_^

that is what we Filipinos should fight. ILLITERACY.

Aj Banda said...

I love your 7 reasons on blogging, Right and True! :)

GbSb said...

Thanks Aj,keep blogging..

Mai Yang said...

hahaha! yeah, I do have nuffnang ads but I don't consider it an ads tlaga..di ko lang magawang tanggalin kc ang cute pag mai ads. ^_^

attractive kc..haha!

GbSb said...

hahaha talagang pag mai ads pa.try mo google adsense at infolinks mai.

Cee said...

And I could say, you're doing a great job for a 7-week old blogger! Congrats! If in case, you feel a sudden blogger's block, just read back the 7 reasons you've written to keep going. :)

Happy blogging!

Natalie Leung said...

wow that's so awesome, the 7th Billion baby being born and all those fun facts you listed about the number. great post!


GbSb said...

Thanks cee and natalie for visiting.I'll follow your tips..

Sam D. said...

Well my friend like you I consider number 7 as my lucky number because when I met my hubby it's in 2007 and our birthdays number 7 is always there (my daughter is December 7, hubby is April 7 and me August 17) and got my annulment and visa in 2007 too. :-) I'm sure that your gonna get your luck here real soon.

GbSb said...

That's a lot of 7's Sam :-) Thanks for visiting..

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