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Godswar Online Mage Talent and Zodiac Build Guide

Godswar Mage Talent Build at Level 121

The 2nd best in PVP class in Godswar Online is Mage, next to champion. Using wand as weapon, it can cast long range damaging spells dealing magic damage that penetrates your physical armor, also given the most defensive skill in the game - the five star form (20% reduced physical and magical damage) and his best skill - the Silence. So, what is the best Talent build for Mage?

When using Mage as your class, I recommend to build a Full damage build. This build concentrates on attack, hit rating and critical strike damage. Talent build should complement your full damage build or whatever build you like.

As a rule, whatever classes you are, pump up all your talent tree to level 15 or up to level 20. The reason behind is, as the talent skill level increases, the Talent points required also increases. Leveling up a talent that do not complement your build is a waste of TP.

Talent Build for a Full Damage Mage

1. Magical Damage
2. Accuracy or Hit rating
3. Critical Strike

Godswar Online Mage talent Build Guide Flow

Talent Build for Balanced Attack/Defense Mage

1. Magical Damage
2. Accuracy or Hit rating
3. Critical Strike
4. Dodge
5. Crit Resistance
6. Melee Defense

Magical Damage Build

As a Mage, it is important to have a higher magical damage, other classes are vulnerable to magic attack because it's very rare that you can see a character with 1.5K magic defense. The advantage of using Mage is that other classes don't have high defense on magical attack and it really hurts them.

Pump up basic Focus, basic Chanelling, basic Sorcery and sorceror's Strength. Levelling should be taken 1 at a time, example, if you level up basic channelling to 21, you should level up the sorceror's strength to 21 before any going further. Talent Flow are shown in the picture above.

Hit Rating and Critical Strike

Higher magical damage is useless if you don't hit your opponent and keep on missing. After you level up the sorcerer's strength to 21, level up the basic accuracy and the Eagles accuracy. Don't forget the hand's of Fate, you really need a high critical to kill an opponent.

After you level up hand's of fate to 21, you can now go to basic focus for level 22 and the cycle is the same. Never level up 1 talent skill up to 40 in one shot, it will just consume all your talent points. You should distribute it at even levels with attack, hit rating and critical.

Godswar Online Mage Zodiac Build Guide

Mage Zodiac Build Guide

Zodiac increases skills attack and and this should not be taken for granted. Along with Talent skills, your should level this up accordingly. Level up you attack zodiac up to level 6. Same with TP skills it is bracketed that higher level of zodiac needs large points of talent.

Level up your zodiac using energy and every zodiac level is equivalent to 2 times the zodiac skills level, example, your zodiac level is 3, zodiac skills can be pump up to level 6 and for zodiac level 4, maximum zodiac skills is 8 and so on. Prioritize first the attack skills for Fire Lotus and Lightblade slots. If you can afford and have a gold to spend, unlock the other 2 zodiac attack skills slot.

Enjoy playing Godswar Online!

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You can report it to Godswar support if you found a bug, Godswar Client is also available now.

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Hindi na dubista, try mo na Wings of Destiny PH.

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