Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to Register to Smart UZZAP Mobile, PC and Web version

Smart Uzzap with more than 2 Million Active Members as of June 2012

Uzzap which is in beta stage is all in one messaging service from Smart with more than 2 million active users nationwide and still growing. It includes Unlimited chatting, Email, SMS, send and receive picture messages from your phone to your friends, connect with your favorite  messengers like yahoo messenger, MSN and other IM.

Uzzap uses your phone internet connection, so you'd better configure first your 3G or GPRS settings.

How to activate your phone 3G and GPRS Internet Settings

1. To activate your phone 3G or GPRS Settings, Type SET<space>Phone Model and send to 211.
2. Wait the text back from 211 and save the settings. Enter 1234 as PIN Code.

How to Register on Smart Uzzap Mobile

1. If your internet is already working, using your mobile phone, Text 7272
2. A link will be text back to you from 7272. Click the Link and download the Uzzap application.
3. Install the Uzzap Application and register a new account
4. Patiently wait for Uzzap to test your internet connection.
5. Enter your Username, Password and valid email address. Confirm if your registration is successful and you can now start chatting.
6. With P1 load, you can now avail of public room chatting. You can also purchase a package for 1 day unlimited Uzzap for public and private chat rooms and other services. Other subscription packages is available in subscription in your settings or profile link.

Smart Uzzap Web Messaging Multiple Chatrooms

How to Register on Uzzap PC and Web version

1. Visit and create an account.
2. You should have a Smart/TNT SIM mobile number to use this service.
3. You can also download Uzzap PC version at and it will automatically detect what device you are using.

Smart Uzzap Tips and Tricks

1. With Uzzap, you can upload your profile picture from your computer and mobile anytime.
2. Post your status message 24/7 to let your friends and buddies know what you feel, modes or what your thinking.
3. You can open multiple chatrooms with different nickname for privacy.
4. Avoid chat room text flooding, scams and protect your account for spammers.
5. Be friendly to chatters and post frequently to avoid  being kicked out by admin.

Note: You need to have a P1 maintaining balance to use Uzzap service. Supported phones includes Java, Symbian and Android phones

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