Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nielsen SEA Internet Study 2011 - More Pinay are Online in the Philippines

Pinay are the Majority Internet Users in the Philippines

Do you believe that majority of Philippine internet users are Pinay?

With rapid technological development, Filipinos has an easier way to access online using Internet and Wi-fi using desktop computers and mobile phones. Recent result of Nielsen Study on Habits and Attitudes of Southeast Asian Consumers on Digital Media last October 2011 shows that Filipinos spent 22 hours per week on the Internet and we are 2nd amongst Asian countries, next to Singapore.

22 hours translates to 3 hours daily or more than 3 hours if only several times a week. And we are the only country that females are majority internet users than men.

Filipinos mainly uses desktop computers, almost twice compared to netbooks/laptop/notebook and rarely with mobile phone accessing the internet. The only reason I see that explain why desktop computer is dominant is many access the internet through computer shops or intenet cafĂ©.

What does a Typical Filipino do when connected on the internet?

1. Email
2. Private messages on Social Networking sites
3. Wall post and status updates on social networking sites
4. News
5. IM

Email and Social Networking are main reasons why Filipinos connect Online

I list 7 nearest possible reasons why more Pinay connect online than men.

1. Social Networking Sites
2. Talking to Family/Husband working abroad
3. Looking for Job Online
4. Searching for Foreign Mate and Dating
5. Online games
6. Home based work
7. Blogging

Do you have an idea why there are more Pinay online than men.


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