Monday, December 19, 2011

Typhoon Sendong - Philippine Most Deadliest Typhoon for 2011

Cagayan de Oro Flood Hazard map

After the devastating typhoon Ramon, Quiel and Ramon that hit Luzon last September, Sendong, a 55-65 kph Tropical Depression with a gust wind reaching 80 kph leaves more than a thousand death and many still remains missing after hitting Cagayan de Oro, Iligan City and other cities of Northern Mindanao last December 16, 2011.

NDRRMC (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council) update as of January 26, 2012 death toll reaches 1, 268 dead, 181 identified missing and 6, 071 injured from 125, 256 families of 8 cities. Typhoon Sendong estimated cost of damages is worth 1.71 Billion pesos. But why such a weak typhoon killed many innocent lives?

Reasons Why Sendong killed more than Thousands of people

1. Typhoon Sendong brought 180mm (heavy rain) of rain in just 24 hours. Average Cagayan de Oro rainful is 100mm in a month.
2. Damming Effect - Artificial dam of Logs are created and burst into destructive floods creating massive force and damage.
3. Cagayan de Oro and Iligan is flood prone areas according to GeoHazard Mapping.
4. River Siltation
5. Illegal Logging
6. Mining
7. Unpreparedness
8. High Tide

Philippines Typhoon Frequency - 20 Typhoons a year and 9 making a LandFall

According to PAG ASA , Typhoon visit once in 12 years in Mindanao and our country has an average of 20 typhoon visits every year. On the average 20, only 9 or 45% chance to make a Landfall. Doing the little math, average 240 typhoons visits the Philippines in 12 years and the chance to hit or make a landfall on Mindanao is only 1/108 or 0.93%. It's a less than 1 percent chance but the effects and damage are unexpected and unforeseen.

Philippine GeoHazard Mapping

Geohazard mapping are available since 2009 prepared by DENR ( Department of Environment Natural Resources). The map is a tool that identifies the Flood and Landslide prone areas in our country and this is already been sent to LGU's (Local Government Units) including Cagayan de Oro and Iligan city. LGU's are urged to look and take preventive measures to the flood and landslide prone areas.

GeoHazard Map and Philippine Flood Hazard Map are available Online, you can take a look at your provinces and municipalities if it is on danger zone for flood and landslide. It is a joint project of Department of Social Work and Development (DSWD) and DENR started on 2006.

I live in Virac, Catanduanes and our province is the HOME of Super typhoons ( 1 Super typhoon every 10 years). Typhoon Reming, Rosing, Loleng and Unsang to name a few of strongest typhoons that hit Virac in the last 30 years reaching up to 320 kph of winds. It's really psychologically frustrating and traumatic, the loss of wealth and the loss of people in natural disasters which can be prevented or mitigated with accurate forecast and strict implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction of the government.



anney said...

Nakakaawa talaga yung mga naapektuhan ng typhoon. We are sending a box of old clothes para sa mga nangangailangan sa CDO.

Henry said...

Kpg tumaas na sea level, may mga land na mbubura sa mapa. Parang ganun kasi nkikita ko. Hindi prepare, pwede rin na mga device and equipment ng PAGASA ay hindi advance para ma-detect ang mangyayari sa panahon.

GbSb TEchBlog said...

Government should really have a powerful NDRRMC, a power and authority that everybody should follow. NDRRMC is not a counter for dead people.

Philippines Natural Disaster said...

It’s very sad. Lord hears for our prayer for these people who are victims, died and survives of this tragedy. Thank you for sharing ways to help those that are suffering due to the Typhoon.

Phils Calamities said...

Nice post. Thanks for sharing. I hope that preventative measures can be put in place soon. One thing that can be done which costs nothing is each individual take responsibility for their garbage and put it where it belongs instead of throwing it all over the streets, rivers, and everywhere else.

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