Monday, December 5, 2011

What's New with Latest Advanced System Care Free Version 5? - A Review

Advanced System Care Free version 5

With different platforms and different operating systems, new viruses, worms, malwares, spywares and trojans are constantly evolving to exploits software and security holes year by year. They also clogged and slow down our computer performance so, it is very important to keep on track with latest antivirus protection updated with software patches, latest utility and diagnostic tools.

New Advanced System Care Free version 5 is released since Nov 18, 2011 that is smarter, faster and more powerful all in one system utility. With new look, icons and user interface navigation and Active Boost Function and other features, you should switch to this latest upgrade version 5 so that your security is never compromised.

New Features of Advanced System Care version 5

1. Active Boost Function - runs automatically on the background and improve you computer performance.
2. Auto Shutdown - shutdown you computer at scheduled time
3. SysExplorer - examines your system that affects your computer performance that can cause trouble
4. PC health Status - with smiley faces that determines you computer health and recommends what to do
5. Enhanced Turbo Boost - lets you configure to work or gaming mode performance.
6. Automatically connects to IOBIT Cloud Server for latest database updates

Advanced Sytem Care Free version 5 SysExplorer Feature

Advanced System Care Free includes Quick care, Deep Care, Turbo Boost and powerful optimization tools. Quick care clean for malwares, spyware and adware lurking in your computer, fix your registry for faster performance and invalid shortcuts and optimize your PC for daily maintenance like removing junk files, erasing surfing history traces and recover disk space in just a matter of minutes.

Deep Care takes you computer to more deeper and higher level of optimizations. It has system optimization, passive defense to prevent malware to be installed in your PC, disk defragmentation to improve computer performance, disk scan for fixing hardisk errors and vulnerability fix. Deep care has in depth registry clean up, so it takes a little bit longer performing this option compared to Quick care.

Turbo Boost is another tool for speed optimization by shutting down unnecessary background processes and services, cleaning RAM and intensifying processor performance.

Optimization Tools includes "The CORSC - Clean, Optimize, Repair, Security and Control"

1. Clean - clean you computer registry, erase you surfing activity and history, uninstall programs that you do not use, clean hard disk drive to freed space and shreds your files for data thief.

2. Optimize - optimize you computer start up and memory usage (Smart RAM)  for faster performance, TCP/IP Protocol for internet boost. It is packed with game booster and hard drive and registry defragmentation.

3. Repair - it restores deleted files, fix broken shortcuts and links, restore hijacked IE settings, fix problems found in your Windows and performs analysis of you disk and file system ( Disk Doctor)

4. Security - packed with security holes scanners, malware fighter, display and manage system processes.

5. Control - don't let viruses control your computer. Control you own computer settings, displays detailed information of your system, delete empty folders, finds cloned folders and analyzes big files which clogged up you hard disk.

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