Sunday, January 8, 2012

Romi Garduce - First Filipino to reach 7 Summits of the 7 Continents of the World

Romi Garduce 7 Summits of 7 Continents Expedition
At last our renowned Filipino mountaineer Romi Garduce finally reached the Vinson Massif, the highest mountain in Antarctica last January 5, 2012, the last mountain on his 7 summits list and finally became the first Filipino to reach the 7 summits of the world. Vinson Massif weather condition reaches (-26 C) and a mild to moderate winds during their expedition. Coverage of the 7 summits Expedition "Pito para sa Pilipino" can be watched on GMA 7 and News TV.

He started his 7 summits journey on 2002 on Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa followed by Aconcagua on 2005, Mt. Everest on 2006, Elbrus on 2007, McKinley on 2008 and Carstenz Pyramid on 2010.

Romi Garduce was born in 1969 from Balanga Bataan, a member of  UP mountaineers and began climbing for a cause in 1991.

Romi Garduce Climbing Vinson Massif - 16, 050 feet, January 04, 2011 - Highest Mountain on Antarctica

Romi Garduce List of 7 summits of the 7 Continents:

2012 - Vinson Massif
Height: 16, 050 feet
Continent:  Antarctica - Ellsworth Mountain Range

2010 - Carstenz Pyramid
Height: 16, 024 feet
Continent: Australia - Maoke Mountain Range

2008 - McKinley
Height: 20, 320 feet
Continent: North America - Alaska Range

2007 - Elbrus
Height: 20, 320 feet
Continent: North America - Caucasus Range

2006 - Everest
Height: 29, 035 feet
Continent: Asia - Himalaya Range

2005 - Aconcagua
Height: 22, 841 feet
Continent: South America - Andes Range

2002 - Kilimanjaro
Height: 19, 340 feet
Continent: Africa

Congratulations Romi!



Albert Einstein☺ said...

laagan ra jud, for short. hahaha.

Henry said...

Ang tagal din ng aabutin bago maakyat kht ung mga 16k feet na mountain. Sobra taas talaga ng everest pero mukang mahirap ung sa Antartica, parang ang hirap mabuhay dyan.

Aj Banda said...

di sa masama akong tao, pero di ako humahanga sa kanya.. I saw from the videos na kapag umaakyat sila, may tagabitbit sya ng bag.. di ba parang unfair yun?

naisip ko lang yan ah.. IMHO :)

Google Android 4.0 said...

good info, tank'

GbSb said...

It's a team technique and effort to save stamina and conserve energy. Honor shall be given to all of the team.

Laptop Repair said...

Its interesting news to enjoy tourist places of continent in snow. This weather will be enjoyable to tourists.

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