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Crystal Legacy Facebook - Elf Devil Shooter vs. Ghost Archer Build Guide

Crystal Legacy Facebook 2.5D Browser Fantasy Game

Crystal Legacy is Southeast Asian version of Crystal Saga - a refined free to play 2.5D MMORPG  browser fantasy game in the world of Vidalia. 2.5D games uses polygonal graphics to render the world, monsters and characters whose game play is restricted to 2D plane. If you like anime like characters, pets, mounts and fantasy role playing game, this is suited for you.

I've been playing this game for weeks but not full time and still coping for in game features, events, equipment and skill build and I'm amazed on the story and unique game elements and that surely you will love this too. Join me in my journey to the world of Crystal Legacy specifically with the Elf class and lets have fun.

Crystal Legacy Level 42 Elf Ghost Archer with level 5 Trap of Expiry

Crystal Legacy System Requirements:

Firefox Browser recommended
Adobe Flash Player 9 or above version
CPU 2GHz, 2GB RAM and Built in or Independent Graphics card.

Fast Leveling:

Do quest as much as you can and as fast as you can, use the 1.5X and 2X EXP Runes from Novice Gift Pack. Use Health and Magic Stone for HP and Mana regeneration when your life reaches 50% during battle with monsters. The game uses auto-pathing system in which players only need to click the target NPC to the destination or you can click the Task Tracking at the rightmost part (below the map) to bring you to the quest destination. Also the game features Auto Gaming (auto attack and auto casting of skills), so quest is easy as 2 clicks of your mouse. You will reach level 30 in a matter of 2 days.

Don't forget to join a guild and do the daily task and guild events. Guild Task and events gives you EXP and guild contribution that will let you upgrade guild skills.

Crystal Legacy Elf Natal Trait Level 30 Frosty Crux
Natal Trait:

Natal Trait is unique to every character and boost your attributes when leveled up. When you reach level 30, farm Crystal Essence on the Dungeon of the Wraith as fast as possible, note: the dungeon needs a team of 5 max players but you can solo on farming, just team them up and enter. You can use 2X Drop Rate Rune on this dungeon to boost the drops of the monsters and the bosses.

Elf Skill Build: Devil Shooter vs. Ghost Archer

Crystal Legacy Elf Ghost Archer Skill
Elves are the skilled archers of the game, they might not have the toughest defense but their capabilities to strike from a distance and trap laying skills makes up for their weakness.

Here we come at the Elf skill build. There are two kinds of elves, the Devil shooter and the Ghost archer but which one is the best build?

Devil shooter is anti-Daemon class, Daemons is the magical class that uses the elements of water and fire but they have fragile life. Devil shooter specializes on physical damage ( celestial shoot, double shoot and arrow torrent) and resistance to magic (magic skin that reduces magic damage). This Elf skill build is good on PVP against daemons.

Ghost archer excels on trap laying skills (trap of expiry, hypnotizing trap and serpent guard) and healing ( nourish, speed heal and occult mind - healing a single target from a distance). This Elf skill build is good on team support rather than being a killer.

How about a combination of Devil shooter and Ghost archer skill build? Is that possible or it is effective?

Hope this basic guide give a little help from those player that wants to choose Elf class of Crystal Legacy. Let's enjoy playing and have fun.

Official Sites:
Crystal Legacy Official Site
Crystal Legacy Facebook Game App

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