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PASS the PRC ECE (Electronics Engineer) Exam in 40 days - Study Guide and Technique

PRC ECE ( Electronics Engineer) Board Exam Schedule/Deadline for October 2012

40 days is a Biblical time and with proper discipline and study technique, you can pass the ECE or Electronics Engineer board exam in 40 days. I expect that you applied the SQ3R study method during your 3 months review which I discuss on my previous post. If you don't have enough time because of work or personal reasons, I bet your store knowledge will help you.

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The study method and technique we will be doing is Answering Multiple Choice questions, it's like your already taking the board exam and we will be simulating it that way. I don't take the refresher course of any review center and I don't have any idea to tell you what's happening on refresher course. This is only based on my experience and what I did during my 40 days self review.

40 Days Before Exam

You need multiple choice questions and calculator that is approved by PRC to use. There are books or calculator that you can borrow from your friends, classmates or if you have extra money, you can buy it from bookstore. ECE/Communication Licensure guidebook - questions from previous ECE Board exam and 1001 Questions are some of examples of the book we need.

The idea is simple, answer multiple choice question as much as you can in 35 days. To make it simpler, I have broken down the 4 subjects and you need to answers a minimum of 1000 questions ( depends on you, 750 questions will do) covering all the topics included in the ECE exam.

Math - 1000 questions or 29 questions/day
GEAS - 1000 questions or 29 questions/day
Electronics - 1500 questions or 43 questions/day
ESAT - 1500 questions or 43 questions/day

You need to answer more questions with Electronics and ESAT because it is weighted 30% compared to Math and GEAS (20%). The best approach with Math is solving problems then check your answers and solve again if you got wrong answers. Just solve and solve and don't stop practice solving. Don't forget to write down formulas on Index card and Manila paper.

How to Pass PRC ECE Board Exam in 40 Days 

5 Days Before Exam

Answering questions is finished and for the 35 days period you have learned the skills in answering multiple choice questions. If you encounter same question during exam, definitely you will get it correct. Now, it's 5 days before exam and we will be reviewing the formulas, recite and memorized important things you have written in your notebook, index card and manila paper.

DAY 1 - Math
DAY 3 - Electronics

1 Day Before Exam

A day before exam, don't review anymore. Prepare all the things you need for tomorrows exam (bring 2 pencils and 2 calculators if you can afford) and just sit, relax and have FUN.

Tips and Techniques at the Day of ECE Board Exam

Come early at your scheduled room and time of exam. Take a deep breath and pray before taking the exam. You can apply this tips and techniques during exam.

1. Read the directions and listen to proctor instructions.
2. Put first your answers on the scratch paper.
3. Answer as fast as possible. Don't spend too much time on one question.
4. Double check or Triple check your answers before shading the answer sheet.
5. If you encounter mental block, you can take a nap for 10 minutes, take a walk or go out for CR.
6. Always make an intelligent guess if you are not sure of the answer. For 4 choices you have 25% chance of getting correct answer but if you can reduced it to 2, you will have a 50% chance of correct answer.
7. If you don't know the answer to the question, try to apply reverse technique by substituting the answers to the question.
8. Don't leave questions unanswered.
9. Review you answer sheet before submitting the paper.

Hope this simple guide helps and goodluck!

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