Saturday, April 28, 2012

Science and Engineering Scholarship for Filipinos for School Year 2012

PhilDev SuperFund Scholarship for School Year 2012

Do you want to take Science related or Engineering courses this school year 2012 and don't have enough funds to pay for tuition, stipend and allowance? Why not try the PhilDev SuperFund Scholarships with allotted 1 Million pesos for every scholar for the whole course.

PhilDev (Philippine Development Foundation)  is a public charity registered in the United States which focus on building an ecosystem of Science and Technology based Entrepreneurship for Social and Economic Development in the Philippines. For Economic Development to happen in our country, improvement must take place on Four Pillars - Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation.

One of PhilDev board of Trustees is Dado Banatao, a venture capitalist and Filipino inventor who design the first single chip16 bit microprocessor, pioneered graphic user interface accelerator and contributed to the design of 10 Mbit  Ethernet CMOS.

Scholarship Requirements:

To avail of PhilDev SuperFund Scholarship, you must be

1. A Filipino citizen
2. Top 5% of High School graduating class or incoming second year college students with GPA of B and without failing grade.
3. Pursuing Science and Engineering Course.
4. Qualified applicants are admitted to SuperFund Universities partners:
a. University of the Philippines - Diliman and Los Bańos
b. Ateneo de Manila
c. De La Salle University
d. Mapua Institute of Technology
e. Central Luzon State
f.  Mindanao State University - Iligan
g. University of San Carlos
5. Good Moral character

Scholarship Privileges:

1. 1 Million pesos per scholar
2. Full Tuition fee coverage
3. Accommodations (DORM)
4. Stipend and Allowance
5. Employment upon Graduation

For more Information visit Phil Dev Site

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noiln said...

Computer Science
Computer is an electronics device that can accept data and instructions as input, process the data to given instructions and shows results as output. Computer also has ability to store data and instructions. The physical and tangible parts of the computer are called “Hardware”. “Software’s” are intangible parts of the computer system.

Carlos Miguel De Villa said...

Phildev will be a great help to students who need money to enroll to premiere schools like

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