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Canon Pixma Printer E500 vs MP287 - Specs, Price and Ink Comparison

Canon Pixma E500 All in One Printer - Ink Efficient

You are about to buy a Canon Pixma Inkjet printer but you are having doubt which one to choose between E500 and MP287. You are thinking which is better that will suit your need. After I review Canon MP287 printer pros and cons, let's take a look at Canon E500 printer Specs.

Canon Pixma E500 Specs

Price: P4,495
Features: Print, Copy, Scan
Print Head: FINE 11 Cartridge
Number of Nozzles: 1792
Technology: Inkjet
Print Resolution: 4800 dpi
Copy Resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi

Ink Cartridges and Price
Black: PG-88 (P595) - 21mL
Color: CL-98 (P695) - 15mL

PG-88 Page Yield: 800 pages
CL-98 Page Yield: 400 pages

Ink Droplet size: 2pL
Paper Size: A4, A5, B5, LTR, LGL,Envelopes, 4x6", 5x7", 8x10"
Power: 100 - 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: Copying then printing - 12W
Weight: 5.3kg

Canon Pixma E500 Latest Promo - Discounted Price until August 31, 2012

Canon Pixma E500 vs MP287 Specs, Price and Ink Refill Comparison

Both printers have almost the same features, both are versatile all in one printer, with quick startUP and utilizing FINE head technology.  Here is the comparison of the two.

a. Number of Nozzles. Canon latest E500 printer is packed with more cartridge nozzles (1792) than the counterpart MP287 (only 1472). It's a new FINE 11 high yield print cartridge that increases speed and support highest image quality.

b. Ink Efficient. Canon E500 is Ink efficient, with high capacity for black ink which is 21 mL and 15mL for colored. Both 9 mL for the counterpart.

c. Price. E500 has low cost for 1 set of Ink cartridges for only P1290 - Black (P595) and Color (P695). MP287 set of ink cartridge cost P1,730.

d. Page Yield. E500 Page Yield for 1 set of cartridge is 1200 pages while MP287 is 464 pages.

e. Cost per Page. Canon E500 cost per page is P0.74 for Black and P1.74 for colored documents. MP287 cost per page is P3.39 - Black and P4.04 - Colored.

f. Initial Cost.  E500 cost P4,495 which is P1000 more expensive than MP287(P3,495). With latest promo costing for only P3,995, I bet this is your best buy.

g. Ink and CISS Refill. E500 model is new in the market and CISS Conversion are still few and very limited. CISS refill starts at P2,700.

So, if your planning to buy for a Canon Pixma printer between E500 and MP287, I'd rather go with the E500 Ink Efficient Printer. It's cheaper in the long run using a genuine ink but if your planning to use refill and CISS conversion, I'd rather go with Canon MP287 due to it's low initial cost.

The choice is yours and it depends on your needs.

More about Canon Pixma E500

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