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How to Beat Angry Birds Space Danger Zone - One HIT ONLY

Angry Birds Space Danger Zone hardest Level D-28 2 Hits Solution

Angry Birds Space is the latest installment of Rovio to it's Angry Birds game fanatics. Angry Birds Space introduces new adventures on planets featuring gravity and zero gravity resulting in slow motion and lightspeed gameplay.  After a giant claw kidnapped their eggs, the Angry birds warp into a wormhole and brand new birds with superpowers emerges into an unknown galaxy.

New Planets includes:

Pig Bang - 30 Levels
Cold Cuts - 30 Levels
Fry me to the Moon - 10 Levels
Eggsteriods - 5-10 Levels
Danger Zone - 30 Levels

New Angry Birds Space Characters and Super Powers

Cyclops/Lazer Bird - HyperSpeed and Lock On target
Lightning/Blue Bird - can turn into 3 lightning birds
HULK/Green Bird/Terence - Huge and Super Strength
Red Bird - Increase damage inflicted
ICE Bird - Icy Blast turning surrounding blocks to ice
PowerBomb/Black Bird - Explosive Damage

Angry Birds Space New Characters

How to Beat Angry Birds Space Danger Zone hardest Levels in One HIT Only

Danger Zone have the most difficult and challenging levels in Angry Birds Space. So, I have made a guide how to beat Danger Zone Hardest Levels that is finished in One HIT only. Finishing the level in One HIT gives you at most 3 stars and a very high score. Challenge yourself and help me to find other levels with One HIT solution to the most difficult Angry Birds Space level ever.

Danger Zone level D-6

D-6 High Score = 95,000
Use the super power HyperSpeed and lock on target of first Lazer angry bird to target the TNT with red x-mark to finish the level instantly.

Danger Zone Level D-7
D-7 High Score = 132,285
Use the HyperSpeed power of first angry Lazer bird to hit the roof and the second target with red x-mark. Chain reaction will cause the collapse of other structures.

Danger Zone D-11
D-11 High Score = 102,300
Hit the red x-mark with ICE angry bird so that it will disable the support of the structure and will cause a chain reaction that will cause the TNT with red x-mark to explode.

Danger Zone D-12
D-12 High Score = 97,170
You can finished this level using the first Lightning Angry bird. Hit the TNT labeled with red x-mark but don’t use it's superpower. Explosion of the first TNT will cause chain reaction that will cause other TNT's to explode.

Danger Zone D-13
D-13 High Score = 101,495
Use the super power HyperSpeed and lock on target of Lazer angry bird to hit the red x-mark to weaken the structure, causing it to collapse. Collapse structures will cause the TNT to explode and hit the big stone with red x-mark pulling it with small planet gravity.

Danger Zone D-21
D-21 High Score = 70,065
Use the super power of Red bird and hit the TNT with red x-mark to initiate explosions. Explosions of first TNT will trigger the explosion of the second TNT and the fall of other structures.

Angry Birds Space Characters

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