Friday, May 25, 2012

Philippine First Science and Technology S&T Search Engine -

Philippine First S&T Search Engine for Filipinos

It's not a Google, Yahoo or a Bing search engine, but our own Philippine Science and Technology S&T Search Engine dubbed as

What makes Science.Ph distinct from other Search Engine?

1.  It is developed for use of researchers, teachers, students, tech savvy and any individual who wants to know more about latest news, breakthroughs and developments in Philippine Science and Technology.
2.  It sources out information through hidden web like government institutions, academe, NGO's and private institution.
3. Hidden web contain databases not normally indexed by search engines.
4.  It is not only a search engine but a comprehensive website that will provide Filipinos Science and Technology news, articles, blog, photos and videos.
5. This project is a commitment of Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in promoting science and technology awareness to every Filipino. search engine went live last February 24, 2012 and the website visitors has reach nearly 24k as of this writing.

Let us patronize our own search engine and let us contribute for it's expansion to help Filipinos continuous search of knowledge.

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