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Reina Reyes - The Filipina who proved Einstein General Theory of Relativity Correct

Universe Expanding 20 Billion Years after the Big Bang 

Einstein has two theories, The Special theory of Relativity and the General theory of Relativity.  E=mc2  is the special theory that states that mass can be turned into energy which give birth to nuclear weapons. It is special in the sense that it cannot explain all type of motions specifically when gravity is involved.

On the other hand, Einstein General Theory of Relativity describes how our Universe born, how it expands and what will the future be. It reveals that Space and time are linked together in a four dimension of the Universe.

What happens to Newtons Law of Universal Gravitation? It is not applicable to our Universe? The answer is not, astronomers found a discrepancies in the way planets interacted using this law, example, a slight alteration of Mercury orbit around the sun cannot be accounted for using Newtons Law.

What is Universe Made Of?

Less than a million years after the Big Bang, the first galaxies are born made of hydrogen clouds , stars and dark matter. Gravity pull this galaxies together making them grow for 13 Billion years until today. Since 1920's, Astronomers assumed that gravity causes the slow down of expansion of the Universe but recent observations reveals that it is actually expanding very fast.

Why is Universe expanding when gravity pulls in everything together. Is Einstein wrong?

Universe is made of Dark Energy (73%), Cold Dark Matter (23%) and Atoms(4%). Scientist attributes that Dark energy repels gravity. The existence of Dark Energy and Dark Matter is based on assumptions that Einstein gravity is affecting galaxies billions of light-years from Earth but the origin of  Dark Energy remains a mystery.

Big Bang Expansion in 13.7 Billion Years - from Smooth to Clumpier

A Filipina that proved Einstein General theory of Relativity Correct

Theories are made to prove and disprove, same as Einstein General theory of Relativity that is put on galactic test.

Reinabelle "Reina" Reyes, a Filipina Physicist, graduated from Phillipine High School , Ateneo de Manila University with Ph.D on AstroPhysical Sciences at Princeton University leading the team studied 70,000 bright, clustered elliptical galaxies located 3.5 billion light-years from Earth mapped by Sloan Digital Sky Survey come up a measure of EG = 0.39.

What is EG?

EG is a quantity used by physicist to determine objects expected interactions. Interactions such as galaxies movements relative to one another and the way they bend each others light. General theory of Relativity measures EG should be around 0.4 and it is a close match with Reina's findings.

With Einstein General Theory of Relativity passes the Reina's galactic test, will it ultimately prevail farther in the cosmos? Will it continue to be the cosmological model of our consistently expanding Universe or there should be another Law that governs besides Einstein Theory?

Only Time will tell.

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