Thursday, May 31, 2012

TESDA Online Program (TOP) Courses, Review and Certification

Recently TESDA launch it's online program (TOP) to make technical education accessible to every Filipinos here and abroad thru the use of internet technology which saves time and money.

How to Enroll on TESDA Online Program (TOP)

First you must register and activate your account, log on to start your module of your chosen Tesda online program available courses.

TOP courses are FREE or simply no tuition fee to pay but after finishing all the modules and self check exam, they are not giving any training certificate because it is still on incubation or beta stage, online assessment test is yet to be developed.

You may take the face-face assessment test for National Certification Level 2 (NC2) at TESDA Accredited Assessment Center.

TESDA Online Program Courses Available

1. Computer Servicing Hardware
2. Cellphone Servicing
3. Room Attendant Servicing
4. Guest Room Attendant Servicing

TOP Computer Hardware Servicing Course - A Review

If you are interested in Computer, this course is right for you. Computer Hardware Servicing are compose of 4 modules about Computer System which includes

1. Installing
2. Configuring
3. Diagnosing and Troubleshooting and
4. Maintaining Computer System.

How to Remove a Computer CPU

Modules includes background about the subject, materials needed, procedures and video of instructions. Modules are taught in organize and easy to understand step by step procedure.

At the end of each module is a self check test compose of 10 questions which are carefully selected to test your understanding of the subject.

You need to provide tools/materials and a set of computer which is a bit costly as a beginner unless you already have a computer and a spare.

I advice that every instruction should be applied Hands ON so that you will develop the skills along with the basic concept.

I'm a bit worried about the effects of ESD during the Hands On process if new computer or components are used in the training especially at  home.

Overall Tesda online program is technically excellent in providing basic instruction and understanding of the concept in a fastest time.

You can actually finished computer hardware servicing online program in 2 days period. Though it is in beta stage, were hoping that improvement and online assessment will be developed soon.

Enroll at Tesda Online Program


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Evelyn de Castro said...

Greetings! I'm Evelyn de Castro, from Poblacion San Pascual, Batangas.I have finished the online courses in Room Attendant Servicing and Guest Room Attendant Servicing and I want to take an assessment test for NC2. Where is your nearest Assessment Center for those courses here in Batangas. Thank you! and more power!

GbSb said...

Hi Evelyn, Please check this link , you can find list of TESDA Accredited Assessment Centers under Important Links

kien castro said...

im rey currently working in south korea i cannot enroll in the online program im very interested to join.

GbSb said...

hi Kien, pls check this link:

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