Monday, June 18, 2012

5 Technical Job Interview Questions for Test, Design and Electronics Engineer

Find the Total Resistance in a given Figure

Technical interview questions depends on the job position you are applying. These questions are suited for positions related to Test, Design, Failure Analysis and for Electronics Engineer where fundamental understanding of electronics is needed. Sometimes questions are a bit tricky and you should always be prepared.

Here is 5 Common Technical Job Interview Questions You Should Know

Find the Boolean Expression and Truth Table

1. Draw and Explain How Full Wave Bridge Rectifier Power Supply works?
2. Find the total resistance in given resistor networks in Figure. 1.
3. Draw and Explain how diode works and it's VI characteristic curve.
4. Explain how Bipolar Junction and Field Effect Transistor works. Explain their differences.
5. Simplify the given logic gates into Boolean expression and determine the truth table in Figure 2.

Technical Interview Question for Test Product Engineer

Series resistors in series/parallel with Ammeter
Series resistors in series with a Voltmeter

1. Find the Current I in the circuit with resistors in series/parallel with Ammeter.
2. Find the Current I and the Voltage in the circuit with series resistors in series with a Voltmeter.

Goodluck for your upcoming interview.

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