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Bubble Ninja Naruto Fire Style Katon Fast Leveling Guide

Bubble Ninja Naruto Action Browser MMORPG

Bubble Ninja is one of browser Action MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that can be played using Facebook account which is based on story of Naruto Manga and Anime. Other Facebook browser MMORPG includes 3D Godswar Online and 2.5D Crystal Legacy.

Bubble Ninja is horizontal action browser game based on mysterious world of Naruto. It is based on Ninja life of Naruto with collection of love, justice, hatred, rebellion and other elements with Japanese ninja cultural essence.

Bubble Ninja 4 Character Jobs

1. Katon - Fire Style, performed by molding super heated chakra inside stomach before releasing it via the lungs and mouth.
2. Futon - Wind Style, techniques that are usually performed by generating air circulation and making chakra as sharp and thin as possible.
3. Suiton - Water Style, a job that uses technique to manipulate pre-existing water or create a water by using your chakra.
4. Raiton - Lightning Style, uses transformation technique that allow the player to use lightning by increasing the high frequency vibrations of their chakra.

Bubble Ninja Naruto World Map

Bubble Ninja Game Features

What makes Bubble Ninja different from other browser MMORPG out there? One of the highlights of the game is interaction with friends and other features below makes the difference.

a. 100% Naruto StoryLine - Bubble Ninja is based on Storyline, Character, Ninjutsu Skills, and Summon Pet of original anime Naruto Manga.

b. Interactive Control and Battle System - the game is horizontal version, you can move from Left to Right, from Bottom to Top and Jump using the keyboard. Battle system is added with sound effects and vibrations.

AFK system is also available so even away from keyboard you can still make quests and kill monsters with auto loot system. There is also an auto PK system which will kill nearby enemy players when your in AFK mode.

c. Ninjutsu Skills - every character jobs has a unique Ninjutsu and Fighting skills based on original story that you can developed to kill enemies and players.

d. Ultimate Boss - the game tells you what is spawn time and place of Ultimate Bosses which other MMORPG games are lacking. Killing ultimates bosses drops rare items and items shop merchandise.

Katon Fire Style Ninja on Single Rest and Collecting Offline EXP

Katon Fire Style Fast Leveling Guide

Out of 4 jobs, I chose Katon or Fire Style character because I like fire in the first place. Leveling takes time and I made this guide for the newbie or beginner in the game. Whether  you are a Wind, Lightning and Water Style, it doesn't matter because this is applicable to any jobs. You can reach level 60 in a matter of 2 weeks or less if you follow this guide.

1. Practice Reward - whether you are Online of Offline, you can receive EXP and Essence by collecting practice rewards. Use scroll of practice to double the reward (2x EXP and 2x Chakra Essence). Killing elite and bosses drops scroll of practice and you can buy this in the MALL using 10 gold/vouchers.

2. Twin Rest - Single rest let you earn character EXP and Chakra Essence (use to upgrade Ninjutsu and Eight Gates) but twin rest gives you 20% EXP and Essence faster every 20 seconds. Use Double EXP charm and Double Chakra Essence to enjoy 2x EXP and 2x Essence. Also enjoy daily bonus by resting at 12:00 - 13:00, 19:00 - 20:00 and 10:00 - 20:00 (Saturdays and Sundays only) and receive a double EXP and Chakra Essence.

3. Daily Instance - Go to the Fifth Hokage and take the daily instance, you can get large EXP, Coins, Skill Book Fragments by killing the bosses, Potions and rare Items.

4. Daily Quest - Complete the 20 daily quest and you will be rewarded with large amount of EXP and Chakra Essence.

5. 10 Questions Test - Complete the 10 Questions Test at the left side screen just above the chatbox to receive EXP, Growth, Coins and Essence. You can finished all question in 124 minutes or more than 2 hours.

6. Combo Kill Buff- Kill 100 monsters to receive 20% EXP buff, 200 monsters for 30% EXP buff, 300 monsters for 40% EXP buff and so on for 15 minutes.

Enjoy playing Bubble Ninja Naruto and see you there.

Official Site
Bubble Ninja Facebook

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