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Bubble Ninja Fire Style Katon Ninjutsu Skill Build Guide

Bubble Ninja Class Ninjutsu Passive and Active Skill Build All Level 40

There are 4 characters or classes to choose from Bubble Naruto Ninja MMORPG Browser game. They are Katon-Fire Style, Futon-Wind Style, Suiton-Water Style and Raiton-Lightning Style. One thing in common is that they have the same World Ninjutsu, Clan Ninjutsu and Kinjutsu skills. What make different classes differ is their Class Ninjutsu skill which you should give priority to level up.

I will only focused on Fire Style Katon Ninjutsu Skill build with this guide. Fire Style basic skill includes Flame Cutter, Phoenix Flower and Fire Dragon Dance. Higher Ninjutsu skills includes Genjutsu and Envenom.

Essence and Coins Needed when Leveling up Fire Style Katon Class Passive and Active Ninjutsu Skills

Bubble Ninja Naruto Action MMORPG Browser Game

Level 25: 367 Essence and 1387 Coins
Level 30: 431 Essence and 2721 Coins
Level 35: 574 Essence and 4850 Coins
Level 40: 732 Essence and 8680 Coins
Level 45: 1040 Essence and 18758 Coins
Level 50: 1344 Essence and 30280 Coins

If you will notice, going to level 40 and above when leveling class Ninjutsu passive and active skill cost more essence and coins. I am right? So, I recommend to level up Ninjutsu skill up to level 40 only for the moment to accommodate all your skills.

When passive and active skills are already all level 40 and you want to level it up, give priority to level up those Dodge, Defense, Heal, and Defense Buffs - Seal of Earth. In Bubble ninja, defense is important rather than attack.

Where to get Essence, Coins and Skill Book Fragments

Ninjutsu skills leveling up requires lot of essence and coins. Essence is very rare and controlled in the game. You can get essence and coins by doing the following activities, quest and instance.

1. Twin Rest - gives you 20% more EXP and Essence than single rest.

2. Practice Reward - you can get as much as 900 Essence in 12 hours offline mode. Using Scroll of Practice let's you double the reward. You can buy Scroll of Practice in MALL at 10 vouchers.

3. Daily Instance - go to the fifth Hokage for daily instance for Level 15, 20, 25, 40, 50, 55, 60, 70 and Tail Beast at level 40.

Go to level 25 (Fateful Choice) and you will have a chance to get Essence Potion from essence rats. There is also huge amount of coins waiting for you in this instance. Find your fortune with your choice of fate.

In level 20, defeat the different bosses for drops of Book or Book Fragments such as Five Elements Seal and Unseal Technique.

Go to Level 15 (Exercise Field No. 1) and defeat as many monsters as possible and huge amount of EXP and Coins are awaiting for you.

4. Daily Quest - go to Uchicha Security Chief for 20 daily quest. Completing this 20 quest will give you rewards of thousands essence.

5. 10 Test Questions - Answer each questions and 106 essence are rewarded for selected correct answers.

Essence are very limited so, it's better to use it wisely. I recommend to level up passive and active skills up to level 40 only for the moment. After that you can increase defense related skills to level 41 and above.

See you in Bubble Ninja Naruto Game!

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