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Canon, Epson, HP, Brother Printer CISS Conversion Price and Ink Savings

Canon, Epson, HP, Brother Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) Conversion

Price of Genuine ink per mL is more expensive than blood. Big printer companies like Canon, Epson, HP and Brother always find a ways to lower it's ink cost for the benefits and satisfaction of consumers. In addition, competition play a big role in lowering the prices of genuine ink but is it cheap enough for cost conscious consumers?

Examples of latest All in One (AIO) low cost ink efficient printers are Canon Pixma E500 and Epson L200.

Genuine or original ink and cartridge is product of years of research, development, rigorous testing and a lot of money is invested to produce a water, smudge free, light, ozone resistant and ink that can print long lasting photos up to 300 years. It is not just an ordinary ink, it is a quality long lasting ink with satisfaction of consumers in mind that is why it is very expensive.

Consumers have different needs (printing, copying or xerox) and some need cheaper ink and ink cartridge. There are also consumers that don't need long lasting documents. For example, students need to submit printed project documents in 1 grading period (3 months) and they usually copy or xerox a book and dispose it afterwards.

Teachers usually print exams questionnaires for students and dispose it after school year. They also dispose students printed projects.

Here is the Price Comparison of  Canon, Epson, HP and Brother CISS Conversion

1. Ink All you Can

Canon: P3,000
Epson: P3,000 - P3,500
Brother: P3,500
Services Offered: 6 Months Warranty, located on Waltermart and offers home delivery.

2. InkRite

Canon: P2,700 - P3,500
Epson: P2,700 - P3,500
HP: P2,700
Brother: P3,500
Services Offered: 6 Months Warranty, located on SM Malls.

3. Ink 1

Canon: P1,799 - P3,200
Epson: P2,400 - P4,000
HP: P3,200
Brother: P2,600 - P3,200
Services Offered: 3 Months Warranty, located on SM Malls.

4. Printers for Less

Canon: P2,000 - P3,800
Epson: P1,300 - P1,825
Brother: P3,000
Services Offered: 3 Months Warranty, located on SM Malls and offers home delivery.

Given the quality and long lasting effects of genuine ink, cost consumers always find a way to find the cheapest ink and system in the market that suit their needs especially the Continuous Supply Ink System (CISS) which provides savings up to 50% - 96% in ink cost.

But do you really believe that CISS save cost and have you ever tried to make a computation?

Sample Computation on CISS Conversion and Ink Savings for Canon MP287 in 1 Year.

For Canon MP287 using Genuine Ink

Printer Price - P3,495
Ink Cartridge (Black and Color) = P1,730
1 Year Cartridge Consumption (ex. 5 ) = 5 x P1,730 = P8,650
1 year Ink mL consumption (Black and Color is 9mL ) = 12 x 9mL = 108 mL
Total 1 Year Cost = P8,650 + P3,495 = P12,145

Total Cost in 1 Year = P12,145

For Canon MP287 using Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) - Ink All You Can

Printer Price - P3,495
CISS Conversion plus Free Ink 400mL (Black and Colored) = P3,000
Ink Genuine Cartridge Replacement = P1,730
Total Cost in 1 Year = P3,495 + P3,000 + P1,730 = P8225

 Total Cost in 1 Year = P8,225

Total Savings in 1 Year =  32.3% plus a 292 mL of leftover ink.

Although CISS Conversion give us a cost savings, we should replace the ink cartridges with genuine ink if it is damage due to prolonged used. Canon genuine ink cartridges last for an average of 3 refills, so in 1 year you need to replace it with a new one. Replacement of 2 genuine ink will lower your savings and you should think twice because I personally recommend CISS for business.

All number are approximation, you can substitute it with the CISS conversion price you want to compute for ink savings.

Ink All You Can

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print head said...

It's been really great going through your blog post, very well informed and described. Great to read and know more about such kind of stuff.


seo melbourne said...

Hi - I found the information in this article helpful for my research. Thanks!

Rory Fugerson said...
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john wesley said...

Thanks for the informations about printer ink and I have seen that everything is very, very clear and open. You have shared a lot of valuable information especially when it comes to pricing. I found out that Cheap Printer Ink is also great and I am really impressed it is very helpful.

Enrico Magboo said...

Dude, there is something wrong in your computation.
To compare CIS vs. Genuine ink, considerations are: initial cost & consumables.
As for consumables, they both must have the same ml at a given time frame 1yr in this case.
Bottomline is that consumption rating (ml/time) must be constant on either two scenarios otherwise, it will be unfair.
Then account how much that ml cost and then add it to initial cost to get the total.

Lets define the comsumables first:
CL-811 - Color ink cartridge - 9ml - Php 985 SRP
PG-810 - Black ink cartridge - 9ml - Php 745 SRP

Total ink cartridge (Black and Color) = Php 1730

In your Genuine Ink computation,
You bought 5 cartridges of black and 5 cartridges of color good for 1 year.
5x9ml + 5x9ml = 45ml+45ml = 90ml
Thus, 90ml is your annual ml consumption not 108ml

GbSb said...

Thanks Enrico for a keen eye and now I know somebody really read my post.

To make things clear. When you buy a Canon MP287, 1 set of ink cartridge is included in the package and to compute for the total ink consumption (one set of ink cartridges included + 5 one set ink cartridges) makes 108 mL.

I forgot to make a note.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the infos it helped me a lot especially your reviews in buying a printer.. so i bought canon pixma mp287..really great! thank you :)

Quisma Yasin said...

Tnx for the info.
QUESTION: Is it true that CISS dries up if unused by just a few days?

abigael Lagrata said...

can u pls help me i have Epson Px-435A frm japan d po nmn xa mgamit dhl wla pong mbling ink cartrige dto pwde po b xa iconvert and how much will it cost po

jhonathan said...

Awesome blog! I am really impressed by this blog! The pictures are really nice and cool

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