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Higgs Boson Explained - God's Missing Particle finally FOUND after 48 years

Colliding of Protons results in a massive explosion of energy plus the creation of Higgs Field

In the Beginning was MASSLESS particles moving around at the speed of light. But one trillionth of a second after Big Bang, the Higgs Field is "FORMED" making the vacuum of space "STICKY" that brought resistance to other particles.

Any interaction to Higgs Field gave "MASS" to any subatomic particles like Quarks and Electrons. The more they interact, the heavier they become. Particles with no interaction are left with no mass like photons.

Why it is called the "God Particle"?

Higgs Boson is said to be the particle that gave birth how the Universe acquire "MASS" and no one proves it's existence until July 4, 2012. Peter Higgs, 80 years old British physicist from Edinburgh University proposed that it exist 48 years ago.

There are other 5 proponents in 1964 but Higgs is the first to proposed that Higgs Field is made up of Eponymous Boson, which is later called Higgs Boson in credit of his name.

It is called the "God Particle" by the author (Lederman) of popular Science book because it is the center of physics FINAL understanding of the structure of matter. Second reason was because the publisher won't called it "Goddamn Particle".

What is a Particle?

Particle is a term used to ascribed small object with properties as volume and mass. It's like sand particles in a beach analogy. Everything around us is made of matter particles groups called Quarks and Leptons.

If there is a Periodic Table of Elements, there is also a corresponding table for Particles

What is Bosons?

There are 4 fundamental forces at work in the Universe. The strong force, weak force, electromagnetic force and gravitational force. Each fundamental force has a force carrying particles called "BOSONS".  For example, for Electromagnetic Force, the Photon is the corresponding boson particle. Bosons are particles which obey Bose-Einstein statistics.

Higgs Boson is responsible why other particles have MASS

To Prove the Theory that Higgs Boson exist, 

Physicist at CERN composed of 2 different independent teams (ATLAS and CMS), sifted through the debris of 1 trillion proton collisions inside the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Geneva Switzerland.

Proton collisions produced large amount of energy and Higgs Boson as by product and it decays into other smaller particles and no detector have the capacity to capture a picture of it. To spot the Boson, physicists have to look into the unusual excesses of particles it decays into.

Detecting the Higgs Boson requires collision of protons in Large Hadron Collider

The LHC Result:

ATLAS result of the experiment reported a particle weighing 126.5 GeV at 5 sigma level of confidence while  the CMS found a particle at 125.3 GeV with 4.9 sigma confidence.

Huge amount of Data is needed to compare if Higgs Boson exist or not

Particle physicist use a Sigma Confidence scale to rank the certainty of experiment results. Sigma 5 means that the result had a probability of wrongness of one in a million chance. The result is unofficial which will be carefully examined, repeated, done backwards and repeated again to make it error free.

What's Next?

The discovery of Higgs particle opens the door what lies behind the vacuum of space. It is vital to the Standard Model Theory because proving it non-existent means we have to find another model how the Universe works.

It will be the gate to explore the remaining 96% mysterious dark matter and dark energy of the Universe.

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