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PNOY 3rd SONA 2012 - Highlights on Technology Improvements

PNOY 3rd SONA 2012 Highlights on Technology Improvements

One of driving growth for Economic Development of any country is the improvement of Technology.

Watching PNOY 3rd SONA (State of the Nation Address) last July 23, 2012, it  focuses on Technology improvements of our country and this is a good indication that Philippines is on the right track to becoming a developed country sooner or later.

5 Highlights for Technology Improvements of PNOY 3rd SONA

1. Transportation Improvement

What would be the positive effect of building new train routes, airports and roads to economy? Here are PNOY infrastructure projects that will improve transportation in coming years.

A. Trains - LRT Line 1 Extension from Baclaran to Cavite for 11.7 km has already approved by NEDA and undergoing bidding process until November 2012. Start of Phase 1 construction will begin in April 2013 and completion in 2017. It cost P60 Billion, the largest infrastructure project Aquino administration will undertake so far.

B. Airports - P2.5 Billion expansion of Caticlan International Airport in Aklan, the closest airport to Boracay. Construction of passenger terminal, extension of runways up to 2.1 km and upgrades of equipment are the proceeds of the budget.

In addition, completion of  P3.5 Billion Bicol International Airport in Albay is eyed in 2014. The province target tourists arrival for 2012 is 4.6 million and completion of the airport will serve 7.1 million tourists in 2014. "Albay Rising" is the tourism campaign of the province and cited as the fastest rising tourist destination in our country.

Other new airports that will be built which includes New Bohol Airport in Panglao and Laguindingan Airport in Misamis Oriental. Upgrades and remodeling of other airports are also planned before Pres. Aquino end term.

C. Roads - P19.9 Billion NLEX and SLEX Link Expressway will decongest Metro Manila traffic and reduced travel time from Clark to Calamba to 1 hour and 40 minutes that will be completed in 2015. Also repair of 7239 km of national roads by DPWH until 2016

2.  Military Modernization

What a military modernization can do to one country? In the next five years, AFP modernization bill will allocate P75 Billion on defense of Armed Forces.

A. Philippine Navy - New frigate ship BRP Ramon Alcaraz PF-16 will join it's sister ship BRP Gregorio del Pilar PF-15 in 2013.

B. Philippine Air Force (PAF) - Additional two C-130, 21 refurbished UH-1H helicopters and 4 combat utility helicopters at the end of the year. In 2013, 10 attack helicopters, 2 naval helicopters and 2 light aircraft will join the fleet of Air Force.

C. Police - On going quality test for 74,600 guns for police forces. As of now 45% of police forces carried no guns.

Caticlan International Airport Scale Model - The Gateway to Boracay

3. Disaster Mitigation System

Philippines is a typhoon prone country with average of 20 typhoons visit every year and advanced instrument and monitoring system in place will save money in the long run and prevent loss of lives.

A. Project NOAH - Newly launch Project National Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) site that give government, private institution and individual weather monitoring system for mitigation of Disaster Effects as early as possible.

B. Doppler Radar - Newly operational most advanced doppler radar in Catanduanes and another 2 (Aparri and Eastern Samar) to become operational in 2013. In addition, 600 Rain Gauges and 422 Water Level sensors until 2016 will be added to increase monitoring against floods and weather hazard.

4. Education System Enhancement

With facilities and 1 book is to 1 student ratio, learning is now more effective and interesting plus implementation of K+12 curriculum will bring world class graduates.

A. K+12 Curriculum - To enhanced our education system with Kinder plus 12 years of basic education and use of mother tongue in teaching.

B. Facilities - Completion of 66K classrooms, 2.5 million backlog classroom chairs and 1:1 book to student ratio at the end of next year. Students can now study Math, Science and Technology more effectively than ever before.

5. Health System

What happens to a country if overpopulated and stricken with diseases?

A. Reproductive Health (RH) Bill - "Responsible Parenthood" was only uttered by President Aquino during his SONA. Does this mean that he will going to approved it? If approved, the use of contraceptives will lessen unplanned pregnancies thus, increases the quality of life.

B. DOST Dengue Mosquito Trap - Dengue cases increase by 16% this 2012 compared from last year data and experimental Mosquito Trap by DOH holds a promising solution for Dengue prevention.

Our President SONA last for more than 1 hour and so far, the longest SONA since he took the office. Although there are a lot of criticisms, he left an inspiring words to everyone of us "You made this Happen".

PNOY 3rd SONA (English)LRT Cavite Extension
CIA Scale ModelCaticlan Airport Expansion
Bicol Airport

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