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PRC Approved Calculators for ECE - Casio FX-991ES Specs and Review

The New Casio FX-991ES Plus with improved design and 14 new functions

Will you pass the PRC Board exam without a calculator? If you will take LET, I think you will pass the exam, if ECE/Electronics Engineer or Civil board exam, you will had a hard time but it is possible right?

There are many calculators that is approved by PRC to be used during ECE or Electronics Engineer Board Exam but which is the best one to use? One of them is Casio FX-991ES scientific calculator and we will take a look why it is one of the best that you can use in Board Exam.

Casio FX-991ES Scientific Calculator Review

Both Casio FX-991ES and the latest released 991ES Plus are approved scientific calculators that can be used in PRC Board Exam. The difference between the two are higher variable memory (9 variables), use of random integer, additional 14 functions, improved design for ES Plus model. In addition the price of ES Plus is a bit more expensive.

Casio FX-991ES vs 991MS

During my ECE board exam I used two way power Casio FX-991MS, until now I can used it in my everyday computing. Casio 991 series has almost the same abilities like 991MS with 401 Functions and 991ES with 403 functions. The main difference is the large natural textbook display of the equations which caught my attention - a user friendly feature of 991ES.

Casio calculators are known for it's high quality product that can last a decade, so you can used your brother/sister scientific calculators and you don't need to buy a new one just because it is improved version if the old one can still be used.

List of PRC Approved Casio Standard and Scientific Calculators for Board Exam

Casio FX-991ES  Specs

Price: P900
1. 403 Functions
2. 40 stored scientific constants and 40 metric conversions
4. Multi REPLAY Function
5. Natural Textbook Display - lets you input and display fraction, square roots and numeric functions just the ways you write it in textbook.
6. Two way power using solar cell and G13 button battery (LR44)
Dimensions:LxWxH - 161 x 80 x 12.2 mm
Operating Temperature: 0 - 40 degrees Celsius
Battery Life: 3 years (1 hour used everyday)
Weight: 105 g (including battery)
Warranty: 1 year

Casio FX-991ES Natural Textbook Display compared to other calculators

How can Casio FX-991ES will help you in Review and in taking ECE/Electronics Engineer Board Exam?

During our college days, our professor want to solve equations in a long manual way and when taking board exam you can always do it but it is not easy especially solving Math or Communication problems in a matter of minutes. Take a look how a scientific calculator can help you.

1. Stored scientific constants and metric conversions lets you save time in memorization of constants (like the mass of proton, electron and neutron). Metric conversion really helps a lot in converting energy and temperature.
2. Equation and fractions functions will help you a lot if you forgot to solve the manual way specially algebraic equations. You can use the SOLVE and CALC functions.
3. Solving basic log and basic calculus equations are very easy.
4. The Natural Textbook Display is the best feature of this type of calculator. Easy to understand, edit and recalculate equations if needed.
5.Two way power is a safety net in case you calculators run out of battery during exam. Try also to bring a backup calculator.

Overall, calculator is a tool that can really help ECE examiners to find the answers as fast as possible. In a time constraints PRC Board exam, a good calculator technique is advantage than solving it in a manual way.

I recommend it to use as soon as you start your review to build your memory muscles with your calculator. Spending more time with your calculator to master it's functions will give you the most of advanced technology of computing can offer in solving complex problems.

Casio FX-991ES Calculator Techniques
PRC Approved Calculators
Casio FX-991ES Plus
Casio FX-991ES Review

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