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EO26 NGP - PNOY 1.5 Billion Trees Reforestation Program

PNOY EO26 - 1.5 Billion Trees Reforestation Program in 2016

Typhoon FERDIE (July 20), GENER (July 28), HABAGAT (August 7) and HELEN (August 13) cause havoc in NCR and Northern Luzon in in a matter of 23 days or less than a month. Floods and landslides are everywhere causing massive damages to properties, agricultural crops are devastated and leaving hundreds of deaths.

Imagine 3 Typhoons and 1 weather disturbance Habagat in less than a month? Is this the effect of Climate Change?

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is cause by Global warming - increase of average temperature in Earth's atmosphere and oceans. PAGASA forecast shows increase of rainfall intensity or volume in rainy seasons and drier season for summer in 20-50 years time but we are only on year 2012? Is climate changing much faster than our instruments and model can predict?

One cause of Global warming is emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which bring greenhouse effect - a system where heat is trap in the atmosphere thus, increasing Earth's atmosphere temperature.

It's a domino effect, heat makes oceans water evaporate faster forming thunder clouds and creating more typhoons or changing weather patterns. Heat makes rainy seasons more wetter and drier on summer in the Philippines. The sad thing is, for every 1 degree Celsius rise in temperature it decreases 10% rice production.

Since we are an archipelago and composed of 7107 islands and situated in typhoon belt, we are vulnerable in sea level rise and effects of typhoons and flooding. The truth is, we are 3rd on UN Disaster Rate Index. How many typhoons, flooding and deaths should we take for granted before we learned the lesson and take necessary actions to mitigate the effects of climate change or natural disasters?

PNOY EO26 NGP 1.5 Billion Trees Reforestation Program

In 2011, PNOY issued Executive Order EO No. 26 declaring the National Greening Program (NGP) as a government priority. National Greening Program so far is the largest reforestation program in history of Philippines. The program shall plant 1.5 Billion trees from 2011 until 2016 covering 1.5 Million hectares in public land domains.

 It aims to :

1. Prevent disasters to prone Ecosystem,
2. Increased level of Environmental Stability
3. Biodiversity conservation and
4. Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Is 1.5 billion trees enough to mitigate effects of climate change? I think it is not enough but it can help and we should also do out part to help our environment. We can decrease carbon dioxide emissions by less consumption of fossil fuels, segregation of waste, design technology that uses less power and renewable energy.

Let us support NGP 1.5 Billion trees in 2016. Let's plant trees before it's too late.

National Greening Program

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