Thursday, August 2, 2012

First RMA Service Center of WD Philippines - Opens in Makati City

Western Digital Desktop Hard Disk Drive

Beginning August 1, 2012, WD first service center will be open from 8am-6pm weekdays with Monday closing at 5pm only and 8am-12noon during Saturdays to give continued commitment to invest in customer satisfaction of Filipino consumers. It will cater all WD internal hard drives, external storage devices and home entertainment products.

WD First Service Center Location

If you bought a 500GB WD (Western Digital) Hard Disk Drive (HDD) at authorized distributor or reseller and suddenly stop functioning after more than 1 year of use, what should you do?

If it is still covered with warranty then you can avail a replacement HDD immediately from the WD service center in the Philippines located at 2111 Chino Roces Avenue corner Urban Avenue Makati City.

With newly open service center, WD Philippines will further strengthen it's customer focused organization providing best in class support and speedy RMA service assistance.

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Contact first WD for RMA number and if the product is determined defective, then you will be given RMA number and instructions for product return. An unauthorized return will be return to you at your expense.

WD will have no liability if product returned will be determined

1. Stolen from WD
2. Product was not SOLD to you as NEW.
3. Product was not use as intended function (example, a Desktop HDD used in Enterprise environment)
4. Product was not used in accordance with WD specifications and instructions.
5. Asserted defect is not present, due to misuse, improper installation and altered.

WD Service Center Contact/Telephone Number

+632 4031490

More Info on WD Warranty Policy

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Anonymous said...

What's the process if im going to ship my dead WD hardisk to your office? Im located here in CEBU.. I appreciate if you can provide instruction

GbSb said...

Hi, Please call the service center first before shipping your hard disk. Look for Alvin Mendiola.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to your response sir. I appreciate it

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,

Good Day!

I have check and verify that my two dead drive is covered for warranty. this is my RMA #: RMA
#83945632 can i ship it to your office? can i have the exact mailing address if this is possible..

Thanks and Best Regards,
Technicla Support Eng'r. ECE,MCP, MCDST

GbSb said...


I'm not connected in WD service center. Please contact them directly and ask for the procedure and mailing address.


Anonymous said...

* 2. Product was not SOLD to you as NEW.***

even your the 1000th user- does WD knows that?
as far your hdd is in factory warranty and has no physical damage - servcare will entertain you.

3. Product was not use as intended function (example, a Desktop HDD used in Enterprise environment) ********
---- thanks for the tip, so the user will not inform the servcare that it is "not use as intended function".

i heard so many go there for rma- and did not heard that servcare asking that matters....

Jed Tan Saluib said...

I was trying to contact the service center but nobybody's answering on the other line.Yeah, the phone's ringing. I made the call 30 minutes ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi the WD External Hard Disk in our office is no longer functioning because of the Defective Powder Adapter. Please help me find where i can buy the powder adapter because it is not available on all the stores that i asked. hope you can help me. Thanks! Salve

Anonymous said...

Hi good day.., how about we buy the WD product in other country then we delivered the unit in the PH? is it capable for RMA? because the WD 500GB (Green) its suddenly having an error sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Good day! May i ask the other contact number of your service.

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