Monday, August 6, 2012

Zeny Bandilla Classic Guitar Price, Specs and Review

A 9 Year Old Zeny Bandilla Classic Langka-Spruce Guitar

I bought my first classic guitar at Zeny Bandilla music store in Magsaysay Blvd. Sta Mesa Manila almost a decade ago. Before that, I usually borrow from my cousins and neighbors Yamaha guitar and started to be inspired to buy and play my own guitar.

The guitar I bought are made from Pampanga and upon seeing it the first time, I like the dark flamy color of body sides and back made of Langka or Jackfruit tree and Japanese spruce soundboard. It's originally a nylon classic type and later I replace it with steel strings and sound is very good but not as excellent as Yamaha.

Zeny Bandilla Classic Guitar Specs and Reviews

Price: P2,000
Soundboard: Japanese Spruce
Body Sides and Back: Langka or Jackfruit
Neck: Rosewood or Mahogany
Fret: Brass
Strings: 6 String Nylon
Soundhole: with circular Rosette design
Nut and Saddle: Hard Plastic

After almost a decade of playing this guitar, it survives a super typhoon, a hole on body side and a broken heel or neckjoint (I already fixed it), but how did this P2,000 guitar survive?  After 9 years of temperature changes, hot and wet climate of our country, and stress of strings during long hours of playing, this guitar is very durable and sounds are improved as the wood aged. I'm a living testimony to that.

It will not beat the quality of high standard expensive guitars brand like Yamaha in concert sound but enough to enjoy the music of our everyday life. 

That's a good news, we can make a durable, affordable hand crafted aesthetic guitars and Cebu is known in making finest guitars in our country as Lumanog brand became known to every Filipino.

The Future of Guitar Manufacturing in the Philippines?

I can't say that Lumanog guitars quality are gone. Lumanog bloodline runs in Zeny Bandilla guitars and with improvement in Research in Development (R&D) of Langka or JackFruit wood for use in guitars and other materials optimization that can found specifically in our country and having advanced program to study the acoustic resonance enhancement, drying methods, adhesives technology, design and testing, we will soon have a world class guitar manufacturing in our country.

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